USF4REMIX2B11 (70.3 MiB, 234 downloads)

New character select!
In this version there’s a new character select design, an overhaul for Blanka, and some bugfixes!

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USF4REMIX2B10 (63.7 MiB, 116 downloads)

In this update, there’s a complete overhaul of throws, and Charges now gain more Revenge Meter, used for Charge Cancels and Alpha Counters! Also a lot of character changes. Read on for the full changelist:

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USF4REMIX2B9 (63.7 MiB, 221 downloads)

In this version, there are once again some bugfixes and some infinite removals. But there are also some changes to Charge Cancels and Alpha Counters, and the characters Gen, M. Bison and T. Hawk.

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