USF4REMIX2.0B8 (63.7 MiB, 1154 downloads)

Hello. This is mostly a bugfixing update, but it’s got C. Viper with her airdash back, Blanka with a modified electricity move and Gen with more sensible walljump commands. Also a good amount of Ibuki changes.


USF4 Remix 2 Beta7

USF4REMIX2.0B7 (63.7 MiB, 480 downloads)

This new version of the Remix beta has a few character fixes and changes, and a slight UI overhaul.


USF4REMIX2.0 Beta 5 (22.2 MiB, 709 downloads)

Just a little update with some improvements and fixes. Lot of characters are still the same as the last update.

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