2.0 Beta 2 Changelog
– Includes remixlauncher and readmes
– Fixed Dhalsim Yoga Noogie only being 1 button
– Nerfed Evil Ryu qcf+MK so you can’t easily link a medium normal after
– Nerfed Akuma st.HK slightly by increasing recovery
Decapre still randomly desyncs when playing online. It’s not 100% clear which move is the problem, so it’s gonna be a work in progress to find out why she does this. USF4 Got a bunch of weird new bugs related to speed modifiers that SSF4/AE didn’t have, so it’s likely she always had this in some form.

Final Round is this weekend, so new Remix version! I should be there with my computer, so come play!

USF4REMIX-19032015 (2.8 MiB, 307 downloads)

Squirp the blurp for patch notes as usual:


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over there on the right, or right here too. the directory structure in the zip should match the 1.07 2012 patch. as always, please make backups

Special thanks for Goobi and TS|Min for setting up Hurricane Sandython and the Remix tournament there respectively. good shit yall! it should be on Sunday from 12Noon – 6PM EST.

after the bump is a small selection of some of the changes since the last update:

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thanks to Kasucode for having this setup. we’ll be making a lot of balance adjustments coming soon based on this tournament and the casuals that were played. thanks for jebailey for running ceo too!

results were

1) Bala
2) D’Nyce
3) Unknown
4) Blaze
5) FR Dickslicer
5) Zerp
7) Ben Reed
7) Hangingsquid

a few more vids after the more

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Enjoy a fresh new version of Remix!

In this version, me and anotak fixed most but not all infinites, anotak nerfed Ken, I nerfed guile’s infinites among other infs still in. I’m sure there are still some secret hellish infinites in this. Relax!

The link is on the right!