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Your window into dragonblastin'


Ranked Match[edit]

This option would match you up with an opponent for a ranked match, if anyone was playing this game.

Endless Battle[edit]

Search for or set up a lobby for maximum 4 people to play dragonblast.

Arcade Mode[edit]

Lets you battle the computer while waiting for a ranked match challenge.

Player Info[edit]

  • Online Name Edit: Lets you edit your name.
  • Your Area: Lets you register a location.
  • Input Special Trial ID: Would let you use a "Special Trial ID" to unlock characters regularly. More codes aren't being issued presently.
  • NG List: Register friends by inputting their "UNIQUE-ID" numbers.
  • Mail Box: Read messages from registered friends.

Benchmark Test[edit]

Test that your system can hold at least 60 frames per second before you play online.


These options are self-explanatory. You can select difficulty, number of rounds and game mode before starting.

  • Player vs CPU
  • CPU vs CPU
  • Player1 vs Player2

IP Input[edit]

Lets you input an IP/Port in order to directly connect to an opponent, or host a lobby for someone to connect to.


Gives a rough explanation of how to play the game. A few game conventions are not explained in this mode.


Lets you practice against a dummy opponent.

Practice Menu:

  • Enemy State: Stand, Crouch, Jump, CPU.
  • Enemy Guard: None, Active (Block All).
  • Enemy Air Tech: None, Active.
  • Special Power: Max, None. Refills both the Super Meter and replenishes EX moves.
  • Proration: None, Active. Enables or Disables the mechanic where your damage output increases over time.
  • Counter Hit: None, Active.
  • Key Display: None, Active.
  • Enemy Counter: Lets you pick a move the opponent will perform after being hit once.
  • Key Custom: Button Configuration.
  • Command List
  • Character Select
  • Return to Game


  • Language: Japanese, English.
  • Expert Mode: Normal, Expert. By default you'll automatically do a super, if available, after an autocombo. Expert Mode disables this. Can also be enabled/disabled by pressing C on the character select screen.
  • FrameRate: 60, 30.
  • Anti-MotionBlur: Off, On.
  • Window Mode: Windowed, Fullscreen.
  • Anti-Aliasing: Enabled, Disabled.
  • ToonShader: Enabled, Disabled. These are the black outlines common in celshaded games.
  • Window Size 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1600x1200, 480x320, 320x240. Restart the game after changing.
  • SE Volume: 1-5.
  • BGM Volume: 1-5.
  • VOICE Volume: 1.5.
  • Default: Resets all options to their default.
  • Save: Saves all options.


When playing online, replay files are automatically saved here. Up to 64 files can be saved. Older replays will get deleted once the limit has been reached.


You can set your controls here. If you have an xinput-compatible controller, it will get autodetected.


In this mode, you can freely edit character palettes using sliders. Warning: Any edited colors will overwrite the default palette. If you wish to back up either default or original colors, copy "color.teu" in <Game Folder>\GAME\GM


Exits DragonBlast. Hope you had a good time!