USF4REMIX2B9 (63.7 MiB, 214 downloads)

In this version, there are once again some bugfixes and some infinite removals. But there are also some changes to Charge Cancels and Alpha Counters, and the characters Gen, M. Bison and T. Hawk.

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USF4REMIX2.0B8 (63.7 MiB, 1167 downloads)

Hello. This is mostly a bugfixing update, but it’s got C. Viper with her airdash back, Blanka with a modified electricity move and Gen with more sensible walljump commands. Also a good amount of Ibuki changes.


USF4 Remix 2 Beta7

USF4REMIX2.0B7 (63.7 MiB, 492 downloads)

This new version of the Remix beta has a few character fixes and changes, and a slight UI overhaul.