USF4 Remix 2.0 Beta 4

USF4 Remix 2.0 Beta 4 (22.3 MiB, 2936 downloads)

New update with a bunch of stuff and also EX moves are back somehow

– Cody MP-HP-Zonk juggle infinite
– Dan cl.MP HPGadouken juggle infinite
– Dan cr.MK juggle infinite
– Chun-li and Zangief lights not chaining properly
– Rose 5MP juggle infinite as well as other possible mediums infinites
– Ibuki infs
– Juri MK Pinwheel inf
– Potentially other stuff intended or unintended
– EX moves reinstated
– Super inputs are now PPP/KKK (I didn’t want to do it this way but it’s better than the alternative)
– EX moves give superflash on KO (there’s no specific reason for this, tbh)
– DP-style EX reversal moves cause extra hitstop/dmg on counterhit to make it clear that your life is forfeit
– Other changes listed below

– DP+KK launches lower, does not allow for another EX DP followup. Does dmg up from 80 to 120
– QCF+P’s knockdown move returns. down+P

– QCB+PP has full invincibility to the end of hitbox
– all QCF+K moves including EX now have only projectile invincibility
– QCF+KK jumps twice and hits 3 times up from 2
– QCB+KK does less dmg

– Reverted balls to non-charges
– Removed charges
– Reverted all thunder specials
– HCB+PP is still slower than original EX ball
– DP+KK is more shallow going up
– Thunder doesn’t knock forward really far anymore, why the heck would it do that

– EX fb can be fired twice in a row for no extra cost
– Can also fire regular fbs after first EX fb
– EX CRUSH rdp+PP only wallbounces on juggle if counterhit
– QCB+PPP – hold b for light ver, neutral for med, f for heavy

– Removed turn punch powerup from super rushpunches
– Changed albatross and fake headbutt inputs to 3 buttons instead of 2

– In regular mode, has no chains, except to cmd normals. Still has all the same chains in knife mode
– Changed criminal upper input to DP+P
– Bad Spray is QCB+P, is pretty + on hit and can link into lights. Unsafe on block. Also replaces the get up sprays (inputs still up+P)
– EX Ruffian Kick QCF+KK is a different animation and wallbounces
– Last Dread Durst QCF+KKK is now a single kick which leads into a wallbounce on hit

– EX Upkick dmg is 100 up from 90
– EX QCB+KK aka EX Messiah now does 105 dmg up from like, whatever the hell it was (it wasn’t much) (the extra 5 is bc why not)

– Added different distance upkicks
– Made Hazanshu hitbox taller so it can hit juggles better and maybe somehow AA sometimes idk
– Last hit of j.d+MK has less hitstop

– Changed all JP on the cool kicks to max, so they’ll always hit
– EX Machinegun upper will only juggle once after full hits
– Sobat QCF+KKK is light by default, hold MK for med, HK for heavy
– Reminder that he can hold EX fireball again

– Yoga Super Fireball, QCF+PPP light is default, hold MP for medium, HP for heavy

– Changed the hit sfx on her EX qcb+KK

Fei Long
– Made EX Backhand qcb+KK start up much faster, less recovery
– Re-added chicken wing. Only 2 hits, with the 2nd one knocking down for all versions
– EX Chicken Wing projectile invuln as usual, goes straight forward
– Removed air slice (air qcb+K)
– Rekka Shinken QCF+PPP defaults to short hold MP for mid-length, hold HP for long

– Stabby fingers super QCB+PPP does more guard dmg
– EX ouga is fully invul including all followups

– Reduced 5HKF recovery slightly

– Uhhhhh, yea. Yep

– Air QCF+P fireball regular is only 1 hit now
– Air EX QCF+P fireball does the regular 2 hits but stops in the air

– Removed all but the medium super dives (charge b-f+KKK) because of input buggery

– EX Stomp QCF+KK has startup invinc but only has the LK version hitbox

– Slowed down EX palm QCB+PP but gave him hyper armor on startup

T. Hawk
– Yea

– Added EX Fake Kunai
– Made regular Fake Kunais worse
– You know how it is

– Made f+HP hitbox start later
– Atemi or whatever QCB+PP is called lets you just cancel into backdash/forward dash/jump by pressing f,f, b,b or u,u
– Atemi is still armored but not invinc

– Added EX ghost jump that can go into air tatsu quicker and is also invincible for longer
– EX Shoryu has followup again but it’s slightly different

– Her shotgun is back on EX and it smarts
– changed how kick dive super works slightly, default is LK version, hold MK for medium distance, HK for long

– Changed cooking with fire slightly so it’s not quite as easy to combo off
– more recovery on dropkicks except EX which is fast like sonic the hedgehog

– Seieienbu inputs are d,d + PP to preserve the diff strengths
– EX Cmd Dash is proj invul and can be done from slashes

– H palms is back as EX palms but a lil faster

– Air EX palm hits 2x and stays still in the air
– EX lariat is quick and also proj invul for the entire duration

– Claw mode has slower f+HK
– Fist mode has slower f+HP
– Can now only chain into the command normals from a weaker normal
– Can now only juggle EX upkick initial hit once

– Yea

– Yep

– Uh-huh

– Sway and Ducking EX only lead into the 3 punches ending

– Yep

– Changed DP+PP the AA throw to not do crumple
– EX roll cancels into cmd throws
– EX flip your shit combos from normals and is invinc until hit

– Yeap

– Lazy addition of EX knives where they don’t need charge

– Yep

M. Bison
– Yeah

Suck my nose till my head caves in


  1. Xvordan

    There seems to be a bug with Dee Jay’s DP+3P when canceled from the second hit of QCF+2K.

    • Zeipher

      I fixed it. Hitboxes on hit activation were too small. Now they’re bigger.

  2. binch

    can only use evil ryu’s messatsu shoryu buffered from a regular shoryu, otherwise nothing comes out (e.g buffered from a normal) or you get the teleport

  3. KaIzumi

    Sakura literally breaks the game; start a match with 28, game instantly freezes and crashes. Also, Ken can turn off hitsparks in training mode by doing hard links into super over and over in training mode.

    • Zeipher

      We can’t replicate this. I assume by 28 you mean superjump motion.
      Also what are the hard links you’re doing with Ken? I know there are some things that eventually make the effects break, and I’m trying to remove what I can

  4. The Salt God

    Correction on the jump crashing thing, forward jump while holding forward with her crashes the game

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