USF4 Remix 2.0 Beta 5

USF4REMIX2.0 Beta 5 (22.2 MiB, 540 downloads)

Just a little update with some improvements and fixes. Lot of characters are still the same as the last update.

– changed Charge animation
– can now cancel air normals into air scramble
– DP now cancels into ground scramble
– Ground hit LK scramble- HK juggles higher

– Ryu 5MKF now chains to heavy normals
– air CC changed to match ground CC. Jumps up slightly
– 5HP is faster, hits earlier
– All air moves can now only be CC’d on hit (except hadoken)
– Can no longer cancel air normals on block

– Has Invisibility qcf+KKK
– same input again to deactivate w attack

– Shin shoryu more dmg
– Palm shoryuken less dmg
– Fixed palm shoryuken not activating HP version

– Can now cancel into specials from teleport
– Can cancel DP into teleport on hit

– Restored original Oga but input is now qcb/qcf+k in crane
– EX oga has hitbox
– Rolly poke is crane qcb+P
– made mantis U2 faster
– cr.LK can be shorthopped on hit by inputting UP
– supers are locked to stances again
– changed DP and AA throw to qcf+p/k
– crane MP is faster and has larger and earlier hitboxes and 2nd hit pulls back
– crane HP is faster
– Can now finish DP sequence with 2K
– Replaced air palm super with air zanei

– Made hadoken max charges only charge 1 fb instead of one big and one small
– can now airdash after tatsu hit
– fixed j.HK airdash j.HK juggle inf
– hopefully fixed a crash when holding upforward at round start

– Removed chains
– Can charge up MP, f+MP, HP, f+HP for stronger attacks
– Increased damage on qcb+PPP super
– Fixed super combo and RC cancels on MP and HP DP
– Reverted slash attack to previous version. qcb+p
– Removed button airdashes
– Fixed EX air tatsu not being activated during regular jump

– QCB+K chains are shorter
– QCB+LK,LK now pulls opponent towards you, removed jumpcancel
– QCB+MK,MK animation improved slightly
– scratch wheel and rhino horn changed back to dp+K and hcf+K
– DP+KKK is now spinning beat, no animation on hit
– QCB+PPP is a mallet smash that leads into U2
– QCF+PPP Healing, heals more on hit

– Fixed QCF+PPP / DP+PPP conflict

– Changed 5HK <-> 6HK
– Divekick now only bounces up on hit
– fireball split up into high/low/AA (qcf+P/qcf+K/DP+P)
– Removed Kim kaphwan super
– Juri has Feng Shui Engine back (QCB + PPP)

– fixed cr.MK, qcf+HP juggle inf
– fixed LP>MP>HP 2x slashy inf as well as LK>MK>HP slashy inf
– changed RAISINS poke super input to QCB+PPP
– made TENSHIN SENKYUTAIIIII upkick super animation faster
– now possible to do cmd dash hcf+k out of regular moves oops

Suck my nose till my head caves in


  1. The Salt God

    Gen – (Crane) 5HP and 2HP into ex roll. Ex roll goes through the person and keeps going after the first hit. Seems to only happen with Hugo, occurs everywhere

  2. The Salt God

    A LOT of attacks into ex roll on Sakura go through after… second hit. Well, second hit is behind Sakura, but Gen just keeps rolling rolling rolling rolling until the animation ends or you cancel it.

  3. The Salt God

    Seems that the Rolento glitch is either back or no one ever reported it, 2PPP -> 2MP = endless spins unless the oponent isn’t dead and hits you out of it, or you stop the match just before it kills, otherwise, you have to relaunch Remix.

  4. The Salt God

    correction, half the dp supers and moves have been fucked due to that dp super fix

    • Zeipher

      please explain, i dont get any actual info from “dp supers and moves have been fucked”

      • The Salt God

        Characters that do 623PPP and have other things assigned to it may either do the Super, the move, or the teleport

  5. Ntut

    It seems like the Koryu side for every characters has been removed and replaced with the regular remix side.

  6. Kura

    So hey the changes to Akuma’s teleport have given him an infinite or atleast something close because you can cancel first hit for mp/hp dp into teleport back into the first hit of dp. here’s like the most reps of it I could get of it but idk someone better could keep it going for a lot longer

    • Zeipher

      yeah, I expected something like that but I let it rock for now. Thanks though, I’ll adjust the cancel window a bit

  7. The Salt God

    El Fuerte command grab seems completely invulnerable, you’ll see moves go clean through it and get grabbed. Did a jump in during the animation of his grab? You’re getting caught by it the second your feet touch the ground, no matter what point of the animation you land. I’ve had times where the animation was almost done(It’s slow as shit in all strengths, which makes this an even bigger problem), and I’d still get grabbed, period.

  8. DLZ

    Why so many nerfs? Hugo, Oni, E.Ryu, so many characters seem to have lost a lot and I just can’t fathom why you would do this in a game as fun as remix like whats the point in it

    • Zeipher

      I just did it because seeing my own characters nerfed into the ground pleases me. It’s just, I love it, you know? I’m just addicted to nerfing all the characters and turning remix into a toilet

  9. The Salt God

    Fei Long on Cody 5 and 2 HP into 236KK.
    Done too fast = 1st attack doesn’t hit, or goes clean over and Fei ends up on the other side

  10. The Salt God

    Hugo : st.HP on one of seth’s armor moves causes softlock(can’t find what caused it yet)

  11. The Salt God

    (S)EX spd armor gets hit by the first hit of (H)st.HP and canceled early into grab = both characters will be locked until the round ends, staying locked for a period of time until going to the next round

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