20 comments on “USF4 Remix 2 Beta7

      • decap v blanka one breaks the game. Pressing enter during this battle screen for 2 player mode causes a loading circle of death after the game recognizes that a new warrior has entered the ring.

  1. Cody glitch(?)
    sand into HP can be cancelled during startup if fast enough. However, it seems to charge instead of actually cancel using the gauge and whatnot. also not quite sure what the lp followup is supposed to be for, the dash cannot be cancelled into ANYTHING AT ALL, making the dash feel pointless, even when used in a juggle.

    • The lp dash also has abyssmal recovery, so when you use it, you’re giving a free hit.
      mp also seems strange, as unless you have meter, you can do nothing, as it’s a zonk knuckle without the knockdown.

  2. Forgot all about this error, thought it was fixed a long time ago.
    Yun. 623LP. if done too close, it hits and goes past the oponnent. To make matters worse, if you cancelled into anything, it doesn’t side switch and will whiff the next attack, including supers and the command grab. Unless you have RC ready, to do close light shoulder is insanely unsafe.

  3. Akuma to Seth
    623KKK -> LP+LK
    I dunno what the hell happened, but not only did it not grab seth, it softlocked with akuma crouching and seth standing

  4. Boxer to Seth
    break seth’s armor for ex… something, and it softlocks to seth standing, Boxer stuck with his fist out.

  5. Seth works, and the rest of the super/ultra crew works. but not ryu. not even the remix intro for ryu. just his regular sf4 self. please tell me how to fix this.

  6. Sagat to Seth
    During Seth’s spd(ex), if you beat the armor with the first hit of 5lk, both chars freeze, game softlocks, yadda yadda yadda

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