12 comments on “USF4 Remix 2 Beta8

  1. …Hugo has what he had in ultra. one ex clap at the right timing basically parries the entire projectile, whether it’s one fireball, ex, or a whole super.

  2. Zangief’s Back throw doesn’t work properly on Hugo, it acts like a normal throw and doesn’t switch sides

  3. The bug The Salt God found about C.viper’s 2 HP into emergency combo whiffing on cr. Vega, it also whiff with 5 HK into emergency combo and 5 HP into emergency combo

  4. with zangief’s back throw(Which can already be RC’d), if you catch hugo and RC it, you can do siberian blizzard for style points, I guess?

    And while we’re on the topic of cancellable throws, Rose’ normal throw can be RC’d, maybe we should make this a universal thing(the cancels lead to nice stuff by accident as is, imagine what would happen if it was intentional)

  5. a list of characters with throws that can be RC’d or AC’d
    This includes command throws

    Ibuki(command throw=RC) the ex command throw can be AC’d
    Makoto(forward throw=RC) useless, super late RC
    Gouken(forward throw=RC,AC)
    C. Viper(forward throw=RC,AC. Back throw=AC)
    Blanka(Forward throw=RC,AC)
    Zangief(Back throw=RC SPD=RC)
    El Fuerte(Air throw=RC anti-air command throw=RC)
    T. Hawk(Forward Throw=RC,AC regular and ex command grab=RC)
    Rose(Forward Throw=RC,AC)
    Hugo(Meat squasher=RC)Practically useless, too far away to get a combo into other supers

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