September 8 2014 Remix

unctuously There’s also a lifebar thing in this one but the current Remix launcher does not load all the elements on launch unless your computer doesn’t load the game fast enough (Like on my computer).

Holzkirchen Get it here or on the right dir|more for the changelog


– throw damage up
– proper lmh chains now
– headbutt super / rc cancellable
– some changes to cancellable normals
– juggle changes
– 9mp is different
– 5mp fiddling

chun li
– fastfall off walljump fixed
– removed leftover ex sbk cancels

fei long
– rekkas are now just 6p for 2nd and 3rd
– new jump arc
– did some stuff forgot what

– some fiddling with scramble mode jumpins
– divekick hits overhead
– fireball super better startup
– scrmbl feint recovery
– whiff cancel air normals to spiral arrow
– changed some stuff regarding hitstun / recoveries of various moves, 5hp xx whiff jab infinites should be gone, based on the variations i’ve tried.
– did some stuff forgot what

– 9mp hitbox fiddling
– 2mp no longer hits low
– fierces no longer break counters for no reason (whoops)
– damage fiddling
– did some stuff forgot what

– fixed light mashing freezes

– improved dash animation, and airdash recovery
– airdashes can now be done absurdly low to the ground
– airdashes can now be done out of hooligan
– can no longer SJC off standing normals
– can no longer do air normal chains or delayed air normals
– 2HK now uses 5HKF animation
– 5HK now uses 5MKF animation
– reduced times you can juggle with grounded MP/MK
– airthrow is hooligan airthrow which leads into followups
– sped up forward throw animation
– can airdash out of hooligan
– EX spin (QCB+PP) recovers much earlier
– sped up U2 startup and made it cancellable from normals/specials, decreased damage from ~400 to ~250
– U1 replaced with latter part of gyrodrive smasher, input is (QCBx2+K)

– SPD is now DP+P
– sped up SPD anim
– 5MK is no longer overhead

– U1 projectile is slower, disappears close
– all ground and air normals should now hit at any point in a combo (reset)
– can cancel whip rekka into DP at any time
– all QCB+K specials are faster

– fixed QCB+HK infinite
– fixed 5MP juggle infinite
– Reduced damage off supers
– 6MK is now cancellable

did some stuff forgot what
– did some stuff forgot what

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September 12 Remix