18th november 2014 remix

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– experiment: normal throw into juggle
– breathless input now 236236k to prevent input overlap w skyfall
– backdash goes farther / less recovery
– changes to 2hp, 5hp, 9hk, 9hp
– winpose bugfix
fei long
– mp elbow pushback increased, no more infinites please??
– some other tweaks to pushback here and there, shouldn’t affect feel too much in terms of feel
– minor tweaks
– back throw damage fiddled
– can’t cancel regular rushpunches into non-ex overhead anymore
– backdash goes farther/slightly less recovery

– fixed air jaguar juggle infinite, please understand

– fixed yang’s b+HP- palms infinite, please understand

– I think the hands infinites are gone. I hope so!!! please understand
– Roll’n’poke nerf on block increased, please understand

– QCB+MP inf is gone, please understand

– hopefully fixed 5MK inf, please understand

– changed some normals around (cr.MK, cr.HP) please understand
– QCB,HCF is different, please understand
– QCBx2+P is a counter super that leads into the old U2, please understand
– Can now cancel out of divekick at any point, please understand

fuck Honda
– fixed 5MP inf, please understand
– removed fly cancel from jump normals for now ill see what i can do to him next version, please understand

– j.PPP does a spinny thing, acts as a modifier for air claw, please understand
– f+PPP does a crossup roll, please understand
– j.PPP
> P – air claw
> QCF+P/PP, high claw
> QCFx2+P, bloody high claw
– can cancel EX high claw into itself for all the EX bars
– can cancel DP into PPP on HIT only
– removed clawless chains
– QCFx2+P is anti-air slash, removes both claw and mask
– QCBx2+P, the beam super, now removes claw
– QCB+P is rolling crystal flash
– QCB+K is flashkick

as always, please understand

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