22nd June Remix

http://acorncentre.co.uk/2019/08/27/free-course-for-charities-and-cics?unapproved=35 There are a lot of super motion changes in this release, to get ready for the USF4 double ultras feature.

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– many supers are changing inputs because usf4 soon

– fixed issues with brainless dimension
– removed 236236p
– breathless is now 236236p

– fixed more issues w/ headbutt input
– fixed freeze with 236lp
– sa2 damage up

– counterhit frames on several moves extended
– 3hp replaces 2hk, no more 3hp input.
– ball recovery on hit/block no longer cancellable to other non-ex air balls
– sa2 supers are 214214 inputs
– super armor nerfs

chun li
– sa1 is 214214k
– 4mk can be rc
– 4mk4mk doesnt hit crouchers. maybe extreme change, but we’ll see how she plays and then readjust as needed
– 5hk, close 5mk force stand

evil ryu
– fixed raging demon bugs for sure this time
– shoryu super fiddling
– hado super is 214214p now

fei long
– counter super is 214214k
– can no longer hold counter super indefinitely

– dash not cancellable until very end, but goes farther and goes through characters
– 2 hit booms are gone again hm

– did something, forgot what

– sa2 is 214214k

– gutpunch super is 214214k
– rushpunch charging / feint removed

– 6mk and 3mk are now super and rc cancellable
– end of space opera symphony can rc on hit
– 9mp fiddling
– ex messiah hitstop reduced
– 8lp = 9lp
– hold up at peak of the jump to float a little
– 2hp sucks in
– 2hp xx 3mk or 2hp xx 6mk chain
– back throw hitting anim recovers faster

– illusion spark is 214214k
– illusion spark animation fiddling, damage increase

– fireball supers are 632146P/K

– sa2 is 236236p

– youhou is 214214p now
– youhou fiddling, anim changes, juggle potential changes. 2nd hit is unblockable if you’re not already blocking

– LP condor spire is faster, MP condor spire knocks down and travels a bit farther
– HP condor spire goes almost fullscreen and bounces back on hit or guard, is cancellable into condor dive on hit. This version also connects off far HK. EX version goes MP distance but also bounces on hit
– dp+K cmd throw can be cancelled right on groundbounce, can also be cancelled into jump now
– Four different kinds of condor dive. LP version works as a crossup from right above
– jumping d+HP stays out until landing
– naked f+MP is a bit faster. No change to cancelled f+MP
– U1 QCBx2+K animation is twice as fast, slightly less damage

– QCF+P launcher followup is just P again
– overhead is back on f+MP, cancels into special
– DP first hit only hits on standing, entire DP does -20 damage.
– U1 qcbx2+K gives full animation on any hit
– can only cancel off other specials into EX specials
– Jaguar kick jumps are more sensible
– EX jaguar kick attack makes more sense!!!

– Chains are now LP-MK-HK or LP-6MK-6HK etc
– HCB and HCF now only leads into punch or kick
– rose barf is HCB+P
– thunderbolt is now air only, HCB+P
– U1 is QCF,HCB+P

– U1 is now QCBx2+P

– U2 is now QCFx2+P
– Denjin Charge is now QCFx2+PPP

– U1 changed to QCFx2+K
– U2 changed to QCFx2+P

– U2 changed to QCFx2+K

– U1 changed to Kim’s hououkyaku with a QCB, HCF+K motion

– Can now airdash with ff, bb as well as with PP
– Changed Bionic Arm to QCB+PPP
– U1 changed to DP+PPP
– U2 changed to to D+KKK

– U2 changed to HCF+KKK

– Counter super not ultra-specific, input changed to QCBx2+P
– U1 is overhead into Sobat Festival, QCBx2+K
– QCB+K kicks are all overhead again
– shortjump startup is twice as fast

– Knife QCF+P is just a straight toss again. LP version is slower than it was.
– knife QCB+P changed to saving attack anim, LP and MP hit mid, HP and EX versions have lots of startup, hit overhead, have startup invincibility, do lots of hitstun
– U1 changed to QCFx2+P

– U2 is now QCFx2+K

– Sliding is now cr.HP
– Unoiled also has chains and dash attacks
– HCB+P throw doesn’t slide forward unoiled anymore
– HCB+P launched opponent comes down faster
– U1 changed to HCBx2+P

– U1 is now QCBx2+P
– QCFx2+P has more startup, can now cancel into it as other supers
– PPP changes to an alternate stance with different normals, walkspeed, dash and backdash, and some specials
Alt. Stance changes:
– backdash hits and launches
– QCF+P does slashes

– Has different strengths of habanero hop (QCB/QCF+K)
– U2 is now DP+KKK

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August 2nd Remix 2014