April 1st Remix!

Khāpa It’s not an april fool’s!

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– slight damage/stun adjustments
– 2lp hitbox changes
– cancel qcfp to demon flip
– airdash purple fireball turns to face enemy
– 5hp close forces stand
– added 2hk 2hk 6mp chain
– jump arc improved
– fixed bugs relating to getting hit out of air rushpunch
– 4kk changes
– crossup property on turnpunch
chun li
– neutral jump lights and mediums cancel to 8hk
– fixed 2hk cancel
– can turn during walljump
– yoga flame changes
evil ryu
– air hadoken charge time increased by 5f
– punch u1 travels farther, more invincible
– ex hundred hands more juggle potential
– ex hundred hands cancels to mk+hp stance even on whiff
– 5hpf 6hp no longer chains to itself (thanks Coren)
– 5hpf 6hp chains to 3mk
– fixed audio bug with hadoken
– j.mk crossup property improved
– 5hp -> 6mk chains slowed down
– big changes, too many to list
– feet less vulnerable to projectiles during dash
– j.mk crossup improved slightly, however crossup hitbox doesn’t hit
– fixed weirdness of mk upkicks
– fixed 6hp cancel window
– walk fwd speed increase
– 2hp pushback decreasef
– fixed U1 poke freeze by removing the holdable part of it
– fixed cammy sjc cannon strike infinites
– replaced all upkicks with a single upkick that cancels into double upkick in the air (dp+k -> k)
– replaced dashfwd HK with 9HK, dashfwd HP KDs standing
– reduced recovery on cl.MP to allow for st.LK link etc
– made chains able to go L -> H
– slidekick juggles against airborne (JP 3)
– new U1 – a counter super that works as a regular super as cancel. QCFx2+P
dan- fixed throwtech physics
– fixed disgusting U2 miss hit damage
– mashable lights
– tatsus are back to super pre-ae style
– can air saving cancel from tatsus
– can air fb again if saving cancelled
– fixed car bonus freeze
– hailstorm is now in knife mode only
– normals chain from Medium to Heavy. Can link into from Lights.
– Knife MP and HP hit 3 times
– QCB+P in knife mode is jumpcancellable
– chains don’t cancel to special moves
– press LPMP, MPHP, LKMK, MKHK, 2PP, 2KK for followups that do cancel from within chains, and are jumpcancellable
– demon is back to LP LP -> LK HP
– qcb+P is back to old version but with SC-cancellable back hit
– U2 is faster
– U1 super can only be cancelled out of with the new PP etc moves
– Now only has forward airdash (f/b+PP or b,b/f,f) and “down” airdash
– down airdash is d+pp and is similar to morrigan’s down airdash
– buffed forward airdash slightly. It’s faster
– Nerfed dp+P vertical hitbox (it was nuts)
– restored U2 super to the grabby one, instead of stomp

Mid January Remix!
June 26 Remix!