August 5th Remix

where to buy prednisone Something happened to the previous version where it didn’t have any of the files I worked on. I’m sorry.

buy priligy online pharmacy EDIT: had to fix a gross hakan bug. Please redownload Get it HERE or on the right

Crush the Pig for a slightly changed changelog

– 9/8mp crumples
– 8mp juggles
– lights chain late to mp
– ex aa throw changes
– 9hp and air wheel kick hitboxes bigger

– possibly fixed a very hard to replicate bug with demon flip throw super
– all normals chain to 2hk
– throw range fiddling

– removed charge super
– sa1 fiddling
– sa2 fiddling
– sa2 cancels to sa2 (4 meters!)
– 8hp juggle changes
– 2/5lp/lpf moves chain to 5hk
– slight damage nerfs
– 5mk/5mkf cancel to 3hk
– 3hk uncrossup hitbox extended
– 6mk startup sped up and active frames increased
– tensyokyaku hitbox bigger

– builds less meter on air sonic boom

fei long
– mediums no longer chain to fierces
– air upkick
– all upkicks more invinc

– fixed bug where char freezes from 2hp
– removed throw counter from HP cmd grab
– more recovery, less armor on shoulderdashes

– removed some dubious super cancels where she teleported to the ground
– can cancel ex upkick into ex fake kunai properly now
– air super damage decrease

– fixed corner juggle loop

– qcb+p overhead punch
– first hit of qcb+k tatsu hits crouching
– fixed 5MP – 6HP infinite

– fixed dashjump (again)
– 2mk hits twice
– 2lk hits twice
– far mk recover 1f faster
– small buffer for 6lk links
– air tiger knee (yes you can tiger knee it)

– fix alpha counter because steamworks broke it

– has a different QCFx2+P super from alt. stance
– decheapened normal stance QCFx2+P super
– removed jumpcancel from slashes

– did some stuff forgot what

August 2nd Remix 2014
We're working on USF4