Christmas Remix

Happy Holidays and all that good stuff.

You can pick up the new version on the right or right here

Changelog after the blimp

– reduced stun on jabs
– increased meter gain on tornado throw
– moved cancel window for fierces into ex wheel kick to prevent certain combos
– damage/stun adjusted
– moved cancel window on ex wheel kick to later
– 2nd hit of air ex wheel kick no longer hits overhead to prevent some insanely messed up 50/50s
– removed some of the projectile invinc on air ex wheel kick
– qcfx2 super invinc and active frames extended. recovers 2f faster, damage increased by 50, stun increased by 300
– air wheel kick recover decreased, especially on whiff. minimum height requirement added (aka MUST_BE_HIGH)
– added cancel window to end of lk tatsu to shoryu only on hit
– 6mp hitbox buff
– extended shoryu projectile invincibility
– ex air tatsu lands faster
– raging demon down to 2 bars
– counterhit far damage buffed
– ex red fireball does not increment juggle counter
– tatsus throw invincible on startup
– very slight damage nerfs
– dash faster
– ex air ball now works.
– air normals cancel to air super
– j.lp stun adjusted, strong counterhit
– removed upball cancel to airball on block, still works on hit.
– added ex cancel window to upball
– fixed hop cancel on lightning
– slight damage adjustment
– added gimmicky cancel to cannon
– chainable
– clawless j.lp and cancel windows sooner
– upkicks are hit invincible now
evil ryu:
– reduced non-denjin walkspeed
– hadoushoryu nerf
– improved dash speed, cancels to itself at end
– purple fireball -> red fireball frames changed
– purple fireball chip and meter gain decreased
– teleport only possible in denjin mode
– fixed denjin hadoushoryus
– lp roll back to normal ish
– 3rd stance starts up faster
– wall dive changes, can stay on the wall. press button to fake, can go to other wall
– -> combo easier
– jump normals can be repeated
– hitstun on close mp altered
– far mk changed to 6mk, 5mk always does close version.
– 5mk -> 6mk chain. 6mk whiffs crouchers
– 5lk hits low
– lvl 5 (max charged) denjin hadouken is unblockable
– changed frame data on denjin
– 92mk knocks down
– light hadoken travels slower
– charged fireball recovers 2f faster
– damage adjustments
– tatsu changes
– throw super new anim
– ken 4hk startup increased by 4f
– close lp removed, always get far lp
– close mp forces stand
– you can get far mk from closer
– reduced backthrow damage
– removed l->m chains
– removed armor on lvl 1-3 rushpunches.
– ex rushpunch travels faster, starts up faster
– lvl 5 rushpunch crumples on counterhit
– fwd dash now has 1 hit of armor
– slight walkspeed buff
– specials do slight stun damage on block
– increased 6mp forward movement
– counterhit 6mp hitstun increased
– ex oroshi cancels to 6hk
– 2hp moves forward
– 6hk fake recovers 2f faster
– 6hk startup cancels to mode super
– extended ex axe kick armor to active frames
– ex karakusa 3 hits of armor
– new attack j2hk
– 6hp removed
– hitbox changes, startup change
– 6f recovery added to hadoken
– airdash speeds changed
– air ex tatsu minimum height changed, momentum changed, hitbox changes
– removed 2mk -> 2hk chain
– removed stun on jabs
– nerfed chains into 6mk
– nerfed 2hk and 6mk blockstun
– nerfed divekick startup
– divekick counterhit status whole time
– aa fireball super recovers faster
– nerfed juggle into sweep
– extended tanden stream invincibility
– suck in move is super and saving cancellable
– suck in move chips
– removed chaining into medium kicks
– lights no longer stun
– damage changes
– changed air ex fb to a trap
– made traps visible, and made them stay out for like – 100 frames
– changed qcfx2+k super to air only
– made all jackknife kicks pushback less for easier punishing
– made cancel off slide (d+HK) doable later in the animation
– did some stuff, i forget what
– all throws and cmd throws now hit crouching
– normal throw now doesn’t bounce (since cmd throw already does that)
– made shoulder charge go through fireballs
– made u1 animation a lot shorter
– can now combo into any cmd throw
– made his dropkick look a bit better? i guess
– made her thunder knuckle cause lower float
– bionic arm no longer has 1f startup

Pre-Christmas remix!
Remix Bars 6

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