Easter Remix 2014

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Troyan Pump The Scrump for a full changelog


– fixed sf4 hitstun hitboxes. no more whiffing due to weird leaning and other dumb stuff hopefully. please test all your combos again that used to whiff
– removed all stun
– fixed several char freezing bugs you probably never noticed

– m and h shoryus suck in on hit to prevent whiffing 2nd hit
– ex shoryu juggle/damage/chip changes
– new ex overhead – mk+hp
– removed projectile restrictions on ground hadoukens
– walk faster
– far lk 2f faster
– close lk 1f faster
– 5mpf 1f faster, more active frames
– 2hk juggle changes
– 2hk weirdness

– turnpunch chargetimes decreased

– ball no longer breaks armor
– electricity now does break

– she doesn’t know what to do with her life anymore
– non ex legs are back
– only 4 inputs needed for legs
– can whiff cancel all kick normals into legs
– legs knocks down, different physics and hitboxes change
– ex legs hitbox bigger
– 5hkf now does 5hk always
– 5hp and 2hk moves forward
– 5hp always does spinning bird on hit unless u cancel
– kikoken now qcf p, works different
– fiddled w/ airdash some
– kikosho hitbox fiddling
– upkicks are actually invincible now (whoops)
– ex upkicks exists now

evil ryu
– juggle points on ex fire hadou +2
– juggle points on ex hadou +2
– ex hadou moves faster
– damage adjust
– demon 2 bars, less damage
– air tatsu is diff

– ex hands sucks in on hit

– parry no longer uses grey life, can block sooner on whiff. (if you hold neutral it still persists for 9f)
– 5lp / 5lpf now 3f
– walk speed up
– 5lk/2lk/2hk -> 5hk chain
– some fireball arc changes

– flack kick xx air backbreaker possible
– throw damage up, stun down
– fixed air sonic boom hitstate
– fixed bug where guile airthrow can trade and break the game

– 6hk hitbox bugs fixed (thanks slitherware)

– can now whiff cancel normals into fwd dash
– extended ex overhead invinc
– walk changed

– 5mkf different, chains to 6mk/4mk/4hk and special cancels
– close mk hitbox bigger
– fixed shoryu bug

– fireball super qcfx2 kick
– jump arc changed
– reflect reflectbox bigger, should be able reflect deejay fireballs now

– 5mp more hitstun
– 5hpf always does 5hp instead
– tatsu knocks down
– ex shoryuken fully invinc through active
– airdash minimum height fiddled w/
– some airdash physics stuff
– she has air control like claw used to

– ex spd hitbox active+invinc from frames 1-9 instead of 3-5
– spd input fiddling
– light chains inputs should be smoother
– close 5lp hitbox extended to weird whiffs during chains
– decreased ex 214p startup
– 5mk/5mkf cancellable to specials
– fwd teleports decreased recovery (have fun)
– removed projectile restriction on ex boom
– qcf kick for new divekick w/ funky whiff cancels (ex one hits overhead)

– dash is stronger
– hitstun on jumpins changed some
– removed ex shoulder dash cancel, made jump cancel less sensitive
– jump cancel on all shoulders
– cancel non-ex shoulders into 6mk before they hit
– can cancel shoulders l -> m -> h -> ex on whiff
– ex shoulder 1st hit more hitstun
– m, h, ex shoulder hitboxes bigger
– cancel all normals into 6mk. 5hkf, 5hpf, 2hk do it on whiff
– 2hk 5hk chain possible on whiff
– stuff that chains to 2mp now chains to 5mp too
– 5hk and 2hk are faster
– meter gain decreased
– h command grab now also hits overhead in addition to air, can be combo’d into but still not out of
– cancel rushpunches to ex shoulder or ex upkicks on whiff

– headbutt juggle changes bc stun removed
– counterhit headbutt gives a whole ex bar because it cant stun anymore

+ fixed his dash jumps, they now work
+ Made tatsu cancellable into qcf+P/Airthrow/super. Not another tatsu though
+ made ground normals juggles
– 2nd hit of nj.HK and airdash HK now causes juggle to prevent some infs
+ can now cancel specials into EX again
– slide special can’t follow up if blocked
– overhead has slower startup
– cancel from slide is at the end of the hitbox frames

+ changed counter to spin jump that is invincible to hits/projectiles

+ made nj.HP knockdown properly
? did something forgot what

+ U2 hit forces standing + has an increased hitbox on followup, increased dmg
+ U1 doesn’t go into camera unless it hits, can be cancelled into from any normal
– SC Psychocrusher does a bit less damage
+ cl.HP has a bigger hitbox so it hits properly from standing punch chain

– fixed EX headbutt smoketrail on whiff
– fixed EX Oicho glowing
+ added hitstun
+ honda has aircombos
+ honda can fly upward
+ honda can cancel into special/chain/airdash from air normals
+ limited chains. LP/LK->MP/MK
– honda lost the ability to airdash out of air headbutt
+ honda gained a recovery animation after hitting with air headbutt
+ fixed up his air headbutt recovery a bit
– fixed nj.HP and airdash j.HP having way too high juggle potential
– gave fatty fly (DP+P) a recovery. Can’t cancel into airdash/air super until recovery

+ hopefully fixed fuerte’s U2

+ fixed U2 not hitting for all of it from certain combos
– dashforward/shorthop goes further, bit more startup

March 29 2014 Remix
Easter Re-fix 2014