February Remix of the 2014

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Sainte-Anne Shimp the Glimp for a full changelog


– fixed unresponsiveness that happens when hitting crouching block with U1 super
– made all tatsu air saving cancellable
– air saving jumps backwards or forward instead of neutral
– MP+MK for backward, f+MP+MK for forward
– added fake fireball both on ground and in air. pushes away on hit
– ex versions can be cancelled into normal fireballs and dash on ground

– airdash j.HK counterhit through entire anim

– made his EX throw damage more human. 150 down from 250. special throw is 100 up from 80

– sliding dash normals
– changed flaming upkicks to be QCF+K, can be followed up with QCB+K or U2. does 2 hits, with 1st hit RC-able.
– U1 now hits fullscreen (think blanka ground lightning) but only hits for more than 120dmg when upclose
– U2 goes upback a little before superflash to position viper better for combos
– QCBx2+P super now does a bit less damage and wallbounces instead of crumples

– fixed a stupid cody blockstun infinite that was just QCB+P over and over that has been there since the earliest version (THANKS ZERP)

– widened his horiz hitbox a bit on his U1. Hopefully will make the freeze bug not as common while i find a better solution (thanks error1)
– gave him chains back since i feel he needs to be the kinda guy who does chains

– unfucked some chains stuff, removed launcher
– prettified air spowow owow
– normalized spowow owow hits+damage for ground and air versions
– new counter move. if hit during active frames, does invinc forward cancellable dash
– QCB+P for high, QCB+K for low
– Air normals are vsav style instead of MVC style. All normals do more dmg as a result
– cr.HK is a slide. Enjoy


– fixed breathless bugs

– fixed nj.hp bug (thanks error1)
– fixed counterhit air rolling bug (thanks error1)
– fwd throw special cancellable on hit
– arc roll startup faster
– fixed bug w/ super 1 (thanks error1)
– super 1 faster recovery on whiff
– reduced super 1 damage
– slight damage nerfs to prevent certain combo from doing a bajillion damage

– walk speed up
– cancel backdash to yoga tower
– yoga tower throw invinc only for the first 15 frames

– ex upkick followups possible on whiff
– ex upkick active frames for 1st hit greatly increased
– ex hundred hands throw invinc on startup
– kick stance 5mk -> 2hp chain
– ability to delay ouga sky followups
– mk+hp stance directional followups possible sooner
– mk+hp 6 followup possible to cancel sooner especially to jump
– 5hp punch stance whiff cancel to mk+hp stance and frc
– punch stance 2mp -> 2lp chain (on whiff too)

– fixed cancel bugs

– cancel ex kunai to regular kunai and ex fake kunai
– fix upkick cancel glitchy looking thing

– normal throw range increased

– air fireball motion reverted to hadoken to try to fix input overlap problems
– non ex air tatsus hit overhead
– added landing recovery to air fireball
– decreased blockstun on all non-ex projectiles, and changed meter gain
– last hit of ex tatsu can turn around

– 2mp is now 5f and has smaller hurtbox during startup, better antiair hitbox, juggles on antiair hits
– 5hkf antiair hitbox bigger
– 5hkf has dont_hit_crouch now so it cant even hit tall crouchers
– 5hkf at all ranges
– 3hk hitbox bigger
– throw invinc on non-ex running bear grab
– removed extra hitbox on run bear grab
– whiff cancel 3hk and 2hk to normal throw
– 5mp -> 5hkf and 2mk -> 5hkf target combo
– 8/9lp -> 92lk / 8lk / 8mk whiff cancel
– 9/8hk retract feet faster, falls faster
– 5mpf special cancellable
– moved armor frames on fierces to have more startup to prevent karaing them to specials off the absorb

SSF4AE Remix, Almost Christmas Edition
Quick fix for previous release