Final Round 17 Remix

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– fixed triple backbreaker meter oversight aaa

– fixed airdash airthrow

– fixed EX throw afterglow

– fixed airthrow freeze by making airgrab not a hit
– far 5HK is now a 2-hit move. also replaced close 5HK with it
– QCF+K/QCB+K invincible backward/forward dash
– Followups with LK/MK/HK or Punches

– fixed jackknife kick teleporting to ground when hit during startup

– has downward stomp in the air. d+K. Can be done from headpress jump/hit also
– made air warps faster
– hitting with headpress on airborne knocks them straight down
– HCB for both psycho crusher and scissors, HCF for headpress and skulldive
– has air scissors

– dash is slightly farther / higher velocity

– damage/stun changes. non-counterhit damage nerf, counterhit damage boost
– many moves more hitstun on counterhit
– headbutt juggle potential -1
– 8lp crumple
– rushpunch followup input buffer increased
– dashjump
– can chain off mediums on whiff
– 5hk/5hf/2hk/2hp chain to 6hp, possible on whiff
– 2hk special cancels (plz dont make me regret this)
– super cancel possible off far hk (whoops)

– damage adjustments

– removed headstomp invincibility, thanks Kremath! (whoops holy shit why did nobody notice or report this until now)
– buffed headstomp hitbox
– delay before air 214k after a jump cancel to prevent infinite
– far normals jumpcancellable
– air 4mp possible off all jump directions for now
– 5hp better at hitting close

– airthrow is throw invinc
– dashjump

– ground far limbs are counterhit state during active frames
– stun nerf to bring him in line w/ other chars
– ex upflame can hit standing opponents now and juggles higher
– 82hp always turns to face the opponent
– removed armor from first 3f of 63214mk
– dashjump

– after punch u1 you can combo
– after kick u1 you can do oga sky followups

– throw super is 214214 input now

– cancel rushpunch charge anim into dashes
– 9/8lp active whole jump
– 9/8lk and 9hp can cross up
– 8hp gravity change, can cancel into air kicks after whiff, slight air control

– removed overhead delayed karacancel into 720 to prevent standing 720
– 2mp recovers 3f faster
– stun/dmg nerfs
– 720k anim should look better
– cancel the very end of 6hk feint into jump
– tatsu super anim faster. dont wait around, ken

– superjump added

Quick fix for previous release
March 29 2014 Remix