Final Round XVIII Remix March 19th Final Round is this weekend, so new Remix version! I should be there with my computer, so come play!

Tinsukia Squirp the blurp for patch notes as usual:



– general reminder to run the game set to “fixed” framerate under graphics settings, otherwise errors may occur
– minor ui update

– fixed several bugs
– aa super is now also a counter super against grounded hits, hitbox fiddling
– air ball no longer breaks armor

chun li
– legs knocks back less on hit
– upkicks final hit different juggle, upkicks landing recovery cancellable on hit
– 8/9mp are always what used to be only jump 4mp
– can no longer charge kikoken

– small damage tweaks
– air spiral arrow removed

– hitbox improvements on many attacks
– ex dan kicks start up faster
– decreased jump startup by 6 frames (whoops)

fei long
– fixed some attacks not having correct armor break properties
– fixed counter super animation

– can’t jump out of 214214p post flash anymore
– fixed a bug where it was possible to do certain removed moves still
– fixed input bugs with dash
– fixed dash pushbox
– fixed ochio throw animation not going over zangief
– ochio on hit recovery shorter

– audio fixes

– 2hp nerfs
– air tiger knee starts up faster

– some input freeze bugs should be fixed

March 1st Remix
April 13th Remix