Happy New Years Remix!

http://hotelmadhuban.com/templates/beez3/alfacgiapi A great start of the year! A new remix! Enjoy

http://howarthmorris.co.uk/?et_core_page_resource=et-core-unified-2838-cached-inline-styles2838 Changelog after the beep


– ex red fireball travels slow
– air fireball cancels to air ex tatsu
– kara demon works again (whoops)
– far mk changed
– armor on hop removed
– beam super startup and recovery slowed down
– if you land after the active frames of the walldive attack you dont have landing recovery
– ex roll hits low, can_turn, recovery decreased
– his normals that chip can no longer ko on chip
– counterhit drills do more hitstun
evil ryu:
– fixed armor break
– changed 2hk jump cancel to only be on hit or block because of red fireball cancel
– hcf kick move only possible in denjin mode
– evil ryu air fireball startup increased, hurtbox increased, counterhit status applied until end, charge time increased.
– 5mk -2 frame advantage on hit, doesnt combo to fireball anymore to prevent corner infinite
– qcb qcb punch air hard drive super, only for u1 gouken
– cmd dash mp followup adjusted
– damage fixes
– hitstun changes on fireballs and 4hk
– fixed issue with normals not breaking armor properly
– j2hk removed
– double jump adjustments
– ex reflects spawns satellite later
– fiddled with soul satellite startup, there is now 4 frames before projectiles form, and 5 frames of recovery after.
– soul satellite was missing counterhit status
– soul satellite invincibility removed except for projectile invinc which lasts longer now
– all her chipping normals can no longer ko on chip
– 1f blockstun removed on drill
– 8f recovery added to hadou disruptor
– 2hk startup decreased
– far mk moves closer
– removed cancel from upkicks during genei jin
– u2 cosmetic changes
– 2mk pushes back more in genei jin
– 360 kick range buffed
– fixed infinite
– new mp, hp, mk and hk further refined
– air jaguar kick / second jaguar kick knocks down anywhere
– restored her u2 to normal state, as well as u1
– made hooligan super better by adding a shoryuken
– cannon strike out of hooligan works better
– made u2 animation faster
– changed camera on double typhoon
– fixed guy infinite
– restored older mets shoryu
– improved light attacks, restored the links
– reduced chip damage on slashes/palms
– removed air activation of seieienbu because it caused some bugs
– 2 bar seieienbu now lasts a bit longer, 4 bar runs out faster
– fixed ex divekick cancel from jump forward MP, LK, MK, HK

Remix Bars 6.1
NewYears Remix hotfix