June 26 Remix!

Junnar Sorry about the tardiness on this one. Stuff happens.
Download it here!
Also includes new bars with a new superflash.

Madrid Squimp the blip to see the changelog


– f.mk forces stand (thanks juicebox)

– fixed input bug w/ air super
– lengthened time super can be held

– removed non-ex lightning legs
– altered hazanshu arc, slight hitbox change on hk

– fixed bug w/ super cost
– animations adjusted

evil ryu
– close mp range moved in line w/ other close normals
– messed with ex tatsu active frames, hopefully the randomly unsafe-on-hitness is finally finally fixed

– cancel issue fixed

– 9hp and 9hk knock down
– 8lp active frames increased
– 9mp active whole jump
– 8mp replaced by 9mp
– 2hp recovery/startup increased
– 2hk range increased, pushback increased
– all tiger knees counterhit state during active frame
– 1st hit of tiger knee changed
– ex tiger knee armor only absorbs projectile now
– hk tiger knee damage down
– hk tiger knee airborne frame 1
– hk tiger knee hitbox down
– hk tiger knee feet projectile invinc
– hk tiger knee recovery greatly reduced and blockstun decreased
– nonangryscar and nonexuppercuts hit invinc removed, but startup set to 2f/3f/3f/5f
– fireball damage up

– dash faster
– airdash faster
– cancel dash to jump
– improved light chains

– stun fixes
– lights chain to 2mp

– fixed minor issues w/ chains, slight buff
– slight stun changes to prevent a certain meterless 600 stun combo

– added in SFEX style tatsu for U2 only
– reduced U2 metsu shoryu hitbox vertically
– U2 metsu shoryu is now about 2 frames startup vs 0 frame startup

– Full chains with mashable lights, also in air
– Rising Jaguar is doublejump cancellable
– Aircombo is easier to get full hits with
– Air Jaguar Tooth goes straight forward, like Joe’s slash kick
– U1 is now back to 3 hits, 300 dmg, overhead. Changed input to QCFx2+K
– I slapped dashjump into the special moves list so now you can jump while you punch

-fixed cody 9LP infinite
-EX versions of kicks got their juggle potential bumped up
-made U1 a bit stronger
-Knife mode criminal upper MP and HP versions go a bit further

-fixed air qcb+k airborne state
-made chains better and added mashable lights

-can now airwarp forward/back, with air normals possible
-can now frc ground warp recovery
-changed ground warp to just b,f+PPP/KKK

– fixed forward walkspeed
– gave him full chains
– can cancel into forward cmd normals from chains
– can dash out of held sonic boom
– qcfx2+k in any ultra is AA super – full bar

– did some stuff forgot what

– back run has kick attacks now
– backrun jump is his HK backjump
– backrun HK now does his dropkick
– dp+K is back to regular throw anim, BUT
– dp+K can be cancelled on landing into run
– buffed running dropkick by 1 jugglepoint

– changed chains to be “links” All chains are cancellable at the end of the hitbox into each other (except HP/HK for obvious reasons) at all times, not just on hit
– EX thunderbolt now tracks in the air (not fullscreen)
– qcb+K now leads into rose throw with P for forward or K for upwards
– Dashes are back to normal

– half reverted the bionic arm to the old super, but with bionic arm startup
– added electricity and more dmg and stun to 2HP (100 dmg 100 stun)
– added the same amount of damage to st.HP
– Hammers can cancel into themselves.
– EX Hammer now only hits once
– Bionic Arm (QCBx2+P) works differently. If it hits, gives you a free crumple or slow float.
– More cancel time on air chains
– EX Thunder Knuckle now just knocks away and wallbounces, and doesn’t go as far.
– nerfed juggle potential of st.HP so you can’t get really high damage st.HP – Thunder Knuckle loop in corner.
– Flame Upkicks (dp+k) now work a bit more like DPs. You can still cancel into burnkick from the regular ones, but with the EX version, you can cancel into an airdash.

– 2HP 2nd hit launches
– Rekkas are gone, replaced by this:
– QCF+K -> P is a new GG Jam-like thing idk. Have fun.
– QCF+K -> K roll that dodges projectiles and goes through opponent
– QCFx2+P is more like gen’s mantis super
– divekicks have rufus-like delay on them to make overheads harder to land since yang is a monster anyway. Can be done closer to the ground.
– U1 input is QCFx2+K
– Seieienbu changes:
— Full meter version now has blue shadows
— Air normals cancel into themselves indefinitely
— Palms push opponent up less (makes cornerloops SLIGHTLY harder
— inputs are back to QCBx2+P

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