March 1st Remix Hello, it is time once again.
In this update there are some changes.
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– included a remixlauncher.txt for use for other modders. if you use remixlauncher for your own mod, please read that file, otherwise ignore it.

– 5mp hitbox a lot bigger (should hit more crouchers now)
– 5mk active frames fiddling
– breathless anim changed (again)

– bugfixes

– minor tweaks
– 5hp active increased

– some bugfixes
– minor tweaks
– 5mp more active
– ground teleport hk followup less safe, bigger hitbox, different hit properties

chun li
– 4mk to 3hk chain
– minor tweaks to hitboxes

– 2mk / 2hk can hit airborne now
– fixed several bugs

evil ryu
– fixed several bugs
– removed air fireball
– can chain far hk and far hp into 6mk (on whiff too as per char mechanic)
– 6mk hit/hurt box fiddling, should be a bit stronger

fei long
– 214p cancels to 236k followup on hit/block
– several bugfixes
– cant whiff cancel rekka to throw anymore
– specifically 214hp cancels to 6mk
– reduced 5mp hitstun by 1f to prevent an infinite
– ground 623K moves forward more, increased active frames
– backdash cancels to specials or jump
– backdash has 1 hit armor on later part
– messed w air slash kick
– 6hk hitstun messing
– 214p backhand hitbox bigger
– ex 214p added, has 5 hits of armor

– 6mk is better at hopping over low tiger shot
– the later part of charged sonic boom has 1 hit of armor
– fixed some issues w dashjump
– sonic booms +5 grey damage
– ex sonic boom lasts waayyy longer
– fixed issues w feet hurtbox of air sonic boom

– 9hp fiddling
– instant air axe kick should be less finnicky

– cancel 6lk on startup to 2hp & 2hk
– 5hk / 5hp no longer cancels to 6lk
– you can throw a second fireball after fireball by pressing fwd + button
– extended 2mp, 5hp active frames
– 2hp recovers slower
– 5hp recovers faster
– finally fixed throw?

– minor tweaks

– removed head hurtbox on fwd dash
– 2hp hitbox fiddling
– l divekick foot is proj invinc correctly
– command grab motion changed from 360 to hcf or hcb
– 8mp is now always 9mp
– “behold the glory of the” cancel w mp+mk, requires 4 meter total

– 9lp -> 9hp chain removed, lead to many infinites, didn’t add much
– 5lk always close version
– minor tweaks

– hp green hand bigger hitbox / smaller hurtbox

– cl.HK has armorbreak on both hits

– QCB+HP is the crossup knuckle, lets you cancel into any special except itself
– QCB+PP is the AA knuckle
– removed airdash
– removed sliding normals
– Super inputs are now QCFx2
– Can now flash cancel burn kick, with KK.
– EX flashcancels don’t refill meter anymore
– U1 is now QCFx2+K and does upward flaming kick thingy (this does a lot of dmg right now let’s see if it proves problematic)
– U2 is now QCFx2+K in the air and it’s cool because no airdash to interfere with the inputs.
– did some other stuff but it’s been a while since i did them so welp forgot thems the breaks!!!!!!

– Switched QCF+HK and QCF+KK
– QCF+KK does more hits, airdashable etc
– QCBx2 needs additional inputs to finish. QCBx2+P – P – P – K – K – K (you could also mash LP+LK or something if thats how you roll)
– The last hit of the super does more damage.

Christmas Remix 2014
Final Round XVIII Remix March 19th