March 29 2014 Remix

Bhūm 2 times in the same month?! What’s going on! Get it here! or on the right.
Edit: caught an infinite with fuerte right after publishing.
Please get the new one now if you’re the guy who got it before the fix Changelog after the Bloop

– fixed 5HK infinite off command throw
– cmd throw off shortdash has faster startup

– can now input K from the start of jaguartooth jump, instead of having to press exactly when it should come out
– 100 jaguar punch QCB+P now sucks in slightly

– fixed a thing with cr.MP
– made proximity trigger larger on U2
– made close HK not overhead when done as a chain

– removed infinite and also easy whiff airdash meterbuilding ha ha
– made air RC/airdash 2bars from special moves. From normals it’s still 1 bar
– increased recovery on 2HK slide
– added a spiral arrow cancel. backdash during spiral arrow

– reduced quick hammer juggle points by half

– reduced dmg on air normals
– made U2 throw start up faster

– rock throw is now qcf+P, hold P to hold rocks, release to throw, K to cancel
– rock throw cancel recovery absorbs 1 hit or projectile (but is throw vulnerable)
– qcf+K kick goes farther to account for knife uppercut being removed
– Knife Toss can’t be held. There are Reasons.
– qcf+P now tosses out a knife that stays in the air for a bit, then shoots forward
– qcb+P tosses out knives in an arc
– none of the knife moves lose the knife
– d+PPP now drops the knife, can be dropped during normals/specials

– gave some startup pause to air scissor kicks and air stomp (d+K)
– devil’s reverse is now faster and travels less backward depending on button pressed
– air teleport to ground now has recovery
– U2 does a stomp that hits fullscreen, but does not hit airborne or jump start
– added some cameras to U1 to make it not look as awful

– changed shoulder to raiden’s ready go
– changed rocket throw input to HCB+P

– i still want his seieienbu to be long without making dmg go to and over 500-600 easily

– Did some stuff to Beam Super
– Declawed vega can chain normals
– PPP/KKK dodge can cancel into specials at the end by executing during animation

– 5lk hitbox bigger
– h rushpunches move a little faster

– added startup till attacks get armor
– fierces more recovery
– damage/stun adjustment
– fixed combos whiffing on blanka
– removed charge super

evil ryu
– damage/stun adjustments
– h tatsu should more universally hit, knocks back far on hit
– fixed 92mk counterhit antiair bug
– fixed weird teleporting glitch
– fixed light chain input weirdness

– sonic booms hit twice
– command normals can now be super cancel or ex saving
– 9lk 9lp active whole jump
– 8lp is now same as 9lp
– 9mk can crossup
– 6hp cancels to itself delayed
– 6mp better hitbox
– 6hk is back, hits overhead
– removed height restriction on airthrow
– airthrow physics change
– can act after airthrow whiff
– normal throw range increased
– backbreaker u1 possible in air, can act afterward. worse hit/hurtbox than the ground one
– air sonic boom
– far lk hits low
– can get close mk from slightly farther
– flashkick proj invinc through active
– flashkick charge time is 38f now instead of 40f
– l flashkick has a closer hitbox on start
– m and h flashkicks move forward farther

– spinkick forces stand

– ex hayate cancel window moved later (no more accidental cancels)
– 5lp, 2mp, 2hp recovers 1f faster
– 5mp, 5mk, 5lk, 2lk, 6lp, 6lk, 2hk recovers 2f faster
– 5hp recovers 3f faster
– chainable 2lk
– 2lp chain inputs fixed

– dash starts up 1 frame faster
– whoops newest file wasnt included
– superjump added

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