May 31 Remix

Stevenage 2015-05-31_00001
Some much-needed fixes and some major tweaks.

Seroquel for pets Changelog:
– super upkicks changed to hcb-f
– 2nd hit of 6mp no longer hits overhead, no longer cancels to specials but still to SAVING, hitbox bigger
– tk ex air jaguar still hits at lowest height
– ex air jaguar invincibility removed
– ex air jaguar now overhead
– big hitbox/hurtbox changes to air jaguars
– l/m jaguars have less juggle potential
– ex ground jaguar kick no longer overhead, no longer projectile invincible, hit properties changed greatly
– ground jaguar kicks knock down
– divekick hitbox moved, hurtbox extended, arc changed, can crossup but easier to air 2 air or antiair them
– heavies properly break armor
– jumping normals are counterhit status through active frames
– rising jaguar no longer cancels to ex rising jaguar on hit
– ex thousand jaguars cancels to dashes
– double jump inputs corrected
– meter gain slightly nerfed
– jabs pushback fiddling
– minor stuff with upkick and sleepover supers
– other stuff i forgot
– bugfixes

– minor tweaks

– damage nerfs

– 4lp input changed to any two punches, cancels to specials on startup
– mk slide pushback/reset velocity changed, middle part throw invinc
– fixed issues with far normals not breaking armor
– can chain into 1mk
– 4hp fiddling

el fuerte
– fixed aa throw input
– tweaked invinc on qcf k

fei long
– damage adjust
– some frame advantage changes on normals
– ex backhand 4 hits of armor instead of 5

– can’t chain into lights
– can’t chain into fwd direction command normals
– lots of properties changed for fwd command normals
– guile is so american that he decided to be like an american fighting game and let you crouch his fireballs.
– non-ex sonic boom changed a lot, can be crouched, but big hitstun, other stuff
– ex boom duration decreased
– sonic boom dash cancel changed to be the same as his actual dash
– dash goes farther

– minor tweaks

– minor tweaks

– tweaked counterhit flags on jumpins
– aa tengyo hadouken super bigger hitbox
– replaced all neutral jump normals except hk with diagonal versions
– minor tweaks

– bugfixes

– minor tweaks
– bugfixes

– lights can only be repeated once in a chain
– increased 2mk recovery for no god damned reason
– increased recovery on lp crusher
– removed armor from hp and ex crusher
– hp crusher works like mp version
– removed far hp and buffed close hp
– scissor kicks hitbox starts earlier for all versions
– removed stomp
– air scissor kicks retooled a bit
– all super motions changed to hcbx2 or hcfx2, keeping with his theme of having slightly more demanding specials
– hcbx2 kick, kneepress nightmare doesn’t end with slide, instead 4x scissor kicks
– hcbx2 punch goes into nightmare booster finisher
– the ground pound super is now hcfx2 punch or kick

– lights can only be repeated once in a chain
– delayed cancels from shorthop a bit
– hop mk is the 8mk version, hop mp changed to 9mp

– air throughout flame upkicks

– removed jc from all normals except 2mp
– changed 2mp to launcher, increased hitbox horiz
– 2hp speeds changed, press 4hp on hit to pull opponent
– 2hk changed to 3mk anim, hard kd on hit
– removed messiah kick both on ground and airborne
– removed dp+k move
– qcb+k does diff specials, ex is ex messiah with soft kd at the end
– prettified the qcf+p special
– gave qcb+p more recovery on all versions, more startup on hp version
– push super input changed to qcb,hcf+p, shortened animation
– the sexy super changed to qcf,hcb+p
– symphony super changed to qcf,hcb+k, shortened animation
– decreased divekicks startup

– increased recovery on lp roll

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