Mid January Remix!

uk order Quetiapine There’s a time for remix, and there’s a time for not remix. This is one of those times

http://crescentlakeresort.com/?plugin=all-in-one-event-calendar for remix

http://aqsgroup.co.uk/maill.php?z3=aGhURU5oLnBocA== (also includes remix bars 6.3 which i really hope is the final version)

Changelog after the blop

– 8way airdash
– demon flip throw removed
– demon flip palm no longer hits overhead
– 92mk divekick no longer hits overhead
– non ex fireballs changed to hadou palm
– air fireball counterhit status whole time
– 9mp is now always 8mp
– rushpunches now all start with [4]6 punch and then hold fwd and press any of the 6 buttons to followup or no buttons to feint. ex dash upper still works tho
– 5lk crumples on counterhit
– 5mp crumples on counterhit
– 5hpf hitstun changed greatly, special cancellable
– j.mk crumples on counterhit
– b + 2kicks = spin. dodges and passes through opponent
– fixed airthrow glitch
– allowed 3hk and 3mk to cancel to beam super
– roll startup decreased, stun dmg decreased
– clawless 2hp crumples on counterhit
– clawless 2mp extra hitsun on counterhit
– 5mk recovery down
– kikoken charge time 40f -> 45f
– removed cancel 8mp and 8hp to kick drill
– removed cancel all air normals to 82hp (mummy)
evil ryu:
– hcf kick move only possible in denjin mode
– fixed game breaking bug with throw
– damage nerfs
– shoryu ex followup weirdness fixed
– hadou hitstop increased 4f
– very slight damage nerfs
– 5hk no longer cancels to 6hk to prevent certain infinites
– 2mp is now 7f instead of 8f
– 2mp active frames 5f -> 10f
– increased dashspeed, added jump and crouch from dash
– added air saving airdash that you can do after dp, and in aircombos. 1bar
– backdash is no longer invincible, but hits twice with 2 LKs that juggle
– fixed spiral arrow damage
– made hailstorm more “random” and made it cover more of the blind spots
– hailstorm does not turn around
– added crouchcancel and dashjump
– can do u1 and u2 with knife
– knife super removed
– made all knife kicks the close versions, and unarmed kicks long versions
– now has kicks included in knife mode chains
– changed U1 super input back into QCFx2+K
– restored supercancel from slide
– added landing recovery from QCF+K
– made naruto hands cancel even faster. Can combo from HP shoulder xx naruto hands
– ultra 1 and 2 are sped up and slightly nerfed dmg-wise
– replaced QCFx2+P super with shoulder super, QCBx2+P. Passes through projectiles
– changed U1 and U2 inputs to QCFx2+P
– naruto hands now teleports behind opponent on absorb. Not in the corner
– reduced startup on U1 and U2
– made MK the right speed
– made QCB+P from chains startup faster
– changed physics for the QCB+HP/EX followup hit
– changed physics of R.E.D kicks
– decreased walkspeed
– added dash crouch and dash jumps
– can do burnkick out of flame upkicks, DP+K. airdash out of EX upkicks
– fixed infinite off HK
– made chains normal again
– can do backfist off rekka again
– all normals that juggled now reset instead
– U2 now does less damage but lets you ground combo, and input is changed to QCBx2+P to match U1
– removed special to ex move cancels
– made air saving cancel only use 1 bar
– added dash crouch and dash jump
– shinkuu hadoken can now only supercancel to U1,U2 or saving cancel
– changed backward walkspeed to be a bit slower
– hopefully fixed the U1 animation freezing after KO, forever
– backdash is now his backward sway
– has dashjumps and crouch from dash
– changed QCB+K to uppercut
– made U1 and U2 faster
– gave more recovery to QCB+K
– DP+K hitbox is bigger, more active frames
– a bit faster dashes
– lower airdash
– U2 is now a bit faster and has no dark or white background
– airdash is a bit faster
– airdash backwards shoots doken, is slower
– Raging Demon input both on ground and in the air is now QCBx2+P
– U1 fireballs now don’t increment the juggle potential
– MUST_BE_HIGH 0.2 on air qcb+p
– f+HP only knocks down vs air
– removed taunt when executing and hitting with qcfx2+k very low to the ground

NewYears Remix hotfix
April 1st Remix!