October 16 Remix

http://thelittersitter.com/new In this one Cody, Ryu, Dan and El Fuerte got some slight makeovers

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– removed shoryu followup from non ex shoryus
– decreased shoryu range and chip
– ex hadou blockstun/hitstun/damage changes
– 2hk techable knockdown, less blockstun, but can juggle

– fixed some potential input lock bugs (?)
– stinger inputs easier
– backhop roll no longer hits, but rolls through opponents and projectiles
– backhop cancel to 82mk

– lowered j.MK blow height by like 1 or 2

– Fixed MPHP infinite

– got new knives, also works in air
– has old QCB+P back
– fixed cr.LP/LK only accepting cancels after hit

– removed all remaining stun values

– reset U1 to old Giga Buster (QCFx2+P) and U2 to old Ultra Spark (QCFx2+K)
– changed all 5MK to 5MKF, 5HK is now a slower 5MK
– QCBx2+P super connects earlier after superflash, goes thru hits faster and also activates on block
– HCF+P is a command grab that gives bounce, can be cancelled into on hit, not delayed cancel
– HCF+K is a dropkick, completely projectile invulnerable from the hop
– Can jumpcancel any normal on hit
– Ground Tostada Press and Fajita Buster are gone, d+MP in the air is Tostada Press, d+HP in the air is Fajita Buster

– QCF+K is now red hadoken w upward/downward(air) angled 2-hit fireballs
– QCFx2+HP shinkuu hadoken travels slightly faster
– QCB+P is solar plexus strike, HP and EX versions wallbounce.
– f+HP is now an overhead hop punch

– did some stuff forgot what

– cr.HK and st.HK now armorbreak

– less superfreeze on tornado super
– 2HP armorcrushes

– parry has a lower priority now so it doesn’t overlap EX hadou
– 6HK is his focus attack kick it knocks away! It’s good please use it
– increased fb damage from like 40 or whatever the shit to 65. Baby steps
– god doesnt exist

September 23 Remix
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