Post-Halloween Remix 2014

neurontin usa Boo! Not that scary anymore is it? Here’s a new remix. Now that’s scary!

Ahfir Get it here or to the right


– 5mk knocks down on 1st aa hit, still resets in later combo

– 1 fireball on screen limit reintroduced (whoops)
– fireball tweaks
– fixed backwards air super from tatsu
– removed ex overhead
– reduced hitstun on 5hk
– tensho correctly 2 meters
– reduced demon travel distance/speed
– can only cancel ex fireball into demon flip now

chun li
– bye 5mk close, always 5mkf
– 5mkf recovers faster
– removed 6mk

– ex slide animation fixing
– 5mp is always 5mp close
– 5lp is always 5lp far
– did some stuff, forgot what

fei long
– 6mk special cancellable
– 5mkf slides fwd a little
– only ex upkicks cancels to air kick

– fixed this

– minor bugfixes

– certain cancels no longer possible on whiff
– 5hk is always 5hkf now
– 4hk hitstun changes
– hadokens now pushback again
– l hadoken moves faster
– hadoken startup slower
– meter gain reduced (again asdf)

– did some stuff, forgot who
– 5mp is always close 5mp
– 9mk / 9mp knock down against airborne

– air tatsu removed
– fully charged ex fireball crumple
– 5hk is always far 5hk
– 2hp, 5hp, if hits as antiair, always knocks down, still resets in juggles.
– all command jumps airborne frame 1
– ex command jump punch followup active till landing
– ex command jump invinc frame 1-5
– removed counterhit status from ex command jump unless you press a followup

– air spiral arrow has more landing recovery to make up for no height restriction
– spiral arrow cancel is just hold back now
– decreased active hitbox on LK/MK/HK cannon spike, and increased startup slightly
– decreased startup on 5HK,2HK, increased recov on 2HK to make linking into it less possible?

– nerfed his turds
– slightly more recov on rollnpoke MP and a bit more on rollnpoke HP
– j.QCBx2+P is now not ultra, is knockdown doublepalm
– QCBx2+K whirlwind has more startup and has to land before doing any further attacks
– QCFx2+P does crumply

– Yang stance has blur effect to differentiate it from the main stance on stand, crouch and walk backward/forward
– his slashies are back to normal in alt stance, but can be followed up with just P. ex: qcf+P > P > P
– air stance change has no air stop

– make parries parry all thingsm
– removed followups on LP palm super and gave him startup invincibility

– counter punch counters
– HK kicks fast

– made st.HP/HK reset instead of KD

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18th november 2014 remix