Povertfest 2013 Remix!

http://alvinghamvillage.co.uk/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://alvinghamvillage.co.uk/query-from-mike-and-jane-sargeant-may-2014/ In this update, there are a lot of fixed infinites, some characters got pretty serious makeovers, and you’ll have a lot of fun! Maybe!

Freiburg Download Here!

Santo Antônio de Jesus Squirt the Blurp for a changelog


– fake headbutt (thanks Choco) input is mp+hk

– u2 anim fix
– no mask j.lk is taco
– adjusted air control

evil ryu
– fixed seth-specific infinite
– fixed neutral jump cancel input error
– fixed pseudo superjump glitch
– adjusted stun
– ex stomp crumples

– adjusted stun
– ex tatsu connects properly after divekick

– adjusted stun
– u1 animation fix
– fixed spin kick cancel bug

– fixed 2 hit close fierce bug

– cancel forward dash to supers

– fixed sagat vs sagat infinite
– adjusted u1 juggle properties, hitboxes, animation
– stun issue
– whiff cancel jabs to tiger shot

– adjusted 88mp headbutt hitbox
– 8mk movement
– 8lk movement

– added palm feint -> dash cancel
– minor input bugs cleaned up

– made ichigeki hissatsu faster, use 2 bars, does a bit less dmg and chip
– reduced far HP knockback, and made it recover fast enough to link MP/MK after.
– cl.MK is back to normal, cl.HK is back to normal.
– all hadokens have longer cancel windows during fb
– removed target combo in favor of cancelling all normals into 6MP
– 6MP raw is not cancellable. 6MP from a normal is cancellable.
– Shinkuu Hadoken only hits once
– EX hadokens only hit once but have a bit longer hitstun.
– the return of stun on all of ryu’s normals and specials. Might need adjustment eventually but let’s see
– Normals do slightly more dmg
– U1 is now a ranbu super ending in an invisible hadoken wallbounce. It does less dmg on airborne. U2 is better for AA use. U1 goes about 1/3rds of the screen.
– ground tatsus are now SFEX style again for both ultras.
– 2HP and cl.HK 1st hit are jumpcancellable

– oiled and unoiled cmd grab sends opponent into the air
– airthrow is now an air cmd throw. ex version knocks opponent back up
– HP cmd throw is slower but activates on getting hit during startup
– j.HK causes wallbounce on AA
– fixed an inf involving cr.MP xx QCB+HP

– cl.HP wasn’t cancellable. now it is
– removed the RESPECT THE LAND counter
– added jump and crouch out of dash like on the others
– dp+K cmd grab now connects off normal cancel KOF-style.
– 6LP is now 6MP, and works off normal cancel KOF-style
– 6MP naked is a slow overhead, linkable into LP/LK. cancel into it and it is cancellable
– old cmd grab ultra is now part of a spire super. QCBx2+P.
– can cancel into EX Dive from normal tomahawk
– nerfed dmg on all supers to account for being able to cancel into them from normals
– cancel into super combo/RC from first hit of tomahawk
– EX cmd grab also bounces the opponent. Normal cmd grabs bounce less, and has more recovery

– here we go!
– 5MKF is now using 5MK’s animation.
– 5MPF is now using 5HPF’s animation. Long punch
– stole 5MKF animation for a new 5HKF
– added cancels to 5LPF, 5LKF and 5MPF. Mostly for quesadilla bomb.
– habanero dash is gone. Dash is now the run, with no specific specials. Cancels into ground attacks, jump and crouch.
– Can “link” air normals on animation end. VSAV style sort of.
– Removed all chains. (He doesn’t need it with his new normals.)
– Dropkick is a chargeable unblockable attack that can be cancelled early into different attacks depending on buttons held, or into a special forward dash with slightly slower startup (to avoid dash infinites).
– Quesadilla Bomb is now QCB+P. Beats projectiles and is projectile invincible on startup. (he needs anti-fb shit)
– Can do tostada press and fajita buster in the air instead of only off the wall. no you can’t TK it.
– finetuned U2 animation.
– U1 is now an off-the-wall jump into fajita buster style grab. Think makoto divekick super. QCBx2+K for backwards, QCFx2+K for forward.

– added backhand smash as QCB+P Works the same as the old move, except no crumple.
– can jumpcancel U1 on hit

-dash has more startup again bc of dashjab inf
-dash goes farther and moves faster after startup

– gave him back the slashes
– 1st hit of dp HK causes standing hit
– shortened seieienbu a bit
– special-into-special cancels in seieienbu have fun

– messiah is now qcb+k on the ground
– air qcb+k is overhead kick
– dp+k got slightly reworked
– can cancel into EX overheadkick or EX snakestrike from
> snake strike
> DP+K
– snake strike is more horizontal than vertical now. EX snake strike is stationary but has no pushback.

– nerfed airslasher hitstun by 2 frames to avoid an infinite
– made upkicks a bit more natural looking idk
– turned far HP into f+HP
– cl.HP goes forward a bit and hits crouching, to make it easier to combo into from chain

June 26 Remix!
SSF4AE Remix, Almost Christmas Edition