Pre-Christmas remix!

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Changelog after the break/bump/thing

St. Marys Ryu:
– Removed Tatsu supers, as i felt they didn’t really add anything, and did too little damage. (Also nobody used them)
– Shin Shoryu got a nerfed hitbox leading into full animation. Shoryu itself goes straight up if it misses.
– Ryu’s new U1 launches a stream of fireballs. Input changed to QCFx2+K
where can i buy isotretinoin without a perscription? Dudley:
– Made parry (PPP) the cross counter
– Dodge (QCB+K) followup excludes normals in favor of the old forward punch/uppercut followups.
Capitán Bermúdez Dan:
– is a completely new character. Check out his wiki for details.
– Slash input is now QCB+P
– Tatsu is back, QCB+K
– Both of these change when done out of a dash, which makes dashing around like a doof a somewhat valid strategy.
– Dash is now a bit different. Goes farther, starts out slow and speeds up.
– Forward+LP and Forward+LK have been converted to far normals. Back+MP is now a close normal.
– 2HK now does a float knockdown
– Dashjump
– Made any light attack reset.
– Changed psycho punisher to be faster. Overhead.
– Fixed some air cannon stuff
– U1 launches, gives oil.
– Runny dive grab gives oil
– Fixed infinite meter oversight for good on U2
– U1 is now vulnerable, as it should be
– Made flashkick startup faster
– Divekick is now fully counterhittable
– Reduced range on some of his pushes (QCF+P)
El. Fuerte:
– Running dropkick (Forward+PPP -> HK) goes further, recovers faster.
– Has running super with followups (QCFx2+P -> P/K)
– Changed running->jump specials to splashes/buster.
– hits low
– slight decrease in recovery on a lot of normals
– j.lp and active until landing
– fixed infinite
– 6mk jump cancellable (try tiger kneeing an ex roll and cancelling it to a normal) and backdash cancellable
– 6mk and standing light kick cancels into rekka 6lk and 6hk followups
– removed negative edge on rekka followups to prevent input overlaps
– changed kd on specials
– damage on 6lk rekka followup buffed
chun li:
– ex hazanshu can cross up
– tenshokyaku aka upkicks is dp+kick. has invinc. spinning bird kicks are gone except for the EX version.
– yoga fire recover 1 frame faster
– yoga flame eats a large number of fireball hits
– slight fireball damage buff
– slight meter gain buff on blocked/hit fireball
evil ryu:
– raging demon does 300 stun (up from 0)
– new super qcbx2 kick (denjin mode). changes move properties
– fixed denjin hadoken-related game crash
– can command dash cancel hashinsho on hit
– fixed minor throw tech bug
– shoryu recovery changed, new followup added: forward + any punch
– lowered stun on jabs
– removed orb from normal throw, increased meter gain from normal throw greatly
– nerf soul satellite slightly
– buffed aura soul spark (super) slightly
– removed stun on jabs
– fixed siberian blizzard hitbox issue
– running atomic buster projectile invincibility lengthened
– neutral jump mp active until landing
– allow cancel fwd dash into back dash
– backdash invincibility extended
– allow jump from dash, some dash momentum continues into jump arc
– decreased stun on jabs

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