Remix Hurricane Sandython edition

Budënnovsk over there on the right, or right here too. the directory structure in the zip should match the 1.07 2012 patch. as always, please make backups

buy antabuse Special thanks for Goobi and TS|Min for setting up Hurricane Sandython and the Remix tournament there respectively. good shit yall! it should be on Sunday from 12Noon – 6PM EST.

after the bump is a small selection of some of the changes since the last update:

tons of bugfixes,
Everybody gets rolls – back or forward + 2 buttons on wakeup animation

Ryu –
* Changed Ichigeki Hissatsu meter use to 1000 (full)
* New SFEX-style tatsus do not hit crouching anymore
* Added chain to HP from light and medium attacks. Forces standing.
* METS hadoken does damage faster, but only goes half screen, slowly.

Honda –
* No chains, more damage on normals
* Lowered super dmg for super headbutt (300dmg – 200dmg)
* Removed meter gain from air headbutt

Dudley –
* Thunderbolt (QCB+P now) is a bit slower, also goes further for MP and HP versions.

Juri –
* Gave her ranbu super. QCFx2 KICK
* Changed divekicks and air fbs
– 2K in air, press K again before hit for fireball
* FBs are reset to the short versions

C.Viper –
* Gave her flaming upkicks from koryu. DP+K
– LK goes backward, MK goes straight up, HK goes forward
* Removed extra superfreeze from U1, made segue from ground pound to standing more natural
* Added flaming upkicks super. QCFx2+K

M.Bison –
* Full Chains

Cammy –
* More intuitive superjump, more like C.Viper’s
* Can SJ Cancel all ground normals
* Decreased chain damage, and airthrow damage
* Replaced Ultra 1 with Hooligan super -> quick high damage divekick

DeeJay –
* Lowered damage overall
* Made QCB+K kicks not hit overhead. Use shorthop for overhead shenanigans
* Changed Sobat Festival to a short-range large fireball attack

Cody –
* Changed zonk punch input to QCF+P, works in both modes
* Changed rock hold animation to loop better, lowered damage on the rocks a bit
* Made a knife hold, input the same as rocks hold. Throwing loses knife
* Made U1 a single punch mostly to avoid the long ultra anim altogether

Guy –
* Lowered damage a smidgen on his chains
* Made dash stop a single back input
* Fixed a couple infinites by making air HK give hard KD, and cr.HK  only have 2 juggle potential down from 127

Hakan –
* changed cmd throw input from DP+K to OITYO aka HCB+K
* changed shoulderdash input from QCB+P to QCB+K

Guile –
* Fixed sunglasses appearing when he’s hit. YEEEEEEEEAEAAAAAAA

Rufus –
* Fixed 2HK – HP push infinite

Fuerte –
* Changed his victory animation a bit

Hawk –
* Fixed EX Respect

Adon –
* Made supers the same, instead of different strength supers.
* Fixed doublejump. It is now neutral~Upback / Up / Upforward

Yang –
* Fixed air seieienbu activation. It is now 22 2P as it should be.
* Fixed HP Slash infinite hopefully.

Oni –
* Decreased Meter gain
* Made U2 slower (Making it stay out and hit for longer)
* Made LK slash faster
* Made Raging Demon input QCFHCB P and made it use 1000 meter.

Remix Bars v.5.1
Remix NEC edition