Remix Steamworks Edition

I hope you’ll enjoy this new launcher by Dantarion, because it lets you play Remix on the steamworks version of SSF4AE!!

Get it here or on the right as usual

edit: if you had any issues, redownload. If you still have issues please report them either here on the site/forums or get in contact with Anotak or Zeipher.

Blitz the Goob to see the changelog


– directional wakeup (direction + any 2 buttons while waking up) is 15f hit/proj invinc instead of 8f

– fixed special move input overlap

chun li
– 5lkf always does 5lk now
– 2lk hitbox reverted
– hitstun / blockstun decreased on 4mk / 4mk4mk
– random damage fiddling
– 92mk juggle changes

evil ryu
– fixed raging demon freeze

– all specials do him 25 grey damage on startup
– counter super, 1inch punch super, and command throw heal back a little if they connect
– h backhand cancels to dashes on startup

– fixed dashjump
– angry scar heals a little

– divekicks are now qcb to prevent overlap w/ walljump
– fixed bugs with h command grab, slowed it down

– some normals air chain into 9hp and 8lp
– 2hk sped up

+ gave him back shinkuu tatsumaki as a U1(qcbx2+k)
+ he got full chains back
+ can cancel into f+MP and f+HP from anything. f+MP from f+HP

22nd June Remix

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