September 12 Remix

neomercazole 20 mg Had to get some of these fixes out de doh As usual, get it right here or on the left Changelog after the burp

– decreased shorthop startup
– decreased shorthop HK startup

– fixed airthrow infinite
– QCBx2+K super fixed

– fixed 2HK juggle points from 127 to 1 JP bye inf!!! bye inf

– fixed poison kiss opponent invisibility
– all dash normals are now faster sliding versions of the regular stand normals
– love storm hits 6 times with no cinematic, less startup faster recovery
– qcbx2+k, new super. Goes half screen, passes through projectiles
– qcf+k, new move, the upkick from the 4th EX whip hit. Launches opponent, travels different lengths. EX version lets you jumpcancel. Replaces old AA special
– EX whip rekka is much faster, has no 4th hit.
– Whip normals all crush projectiles, have improved hitboxes and longer active time. 2HP and 5MP especially are improved for better AA
– f+MP is now the double slap normal, f+HP is a heavier version of the elbow overhead, now with the ability to cancel into air normals and air fireballs
– qcfx2+k doesn’t move forward, but is invincible throughout the hitting parts of the move
– poison kiss has longer throw range, faster superfreeze, and opponent is ground hittable after the nut kick
– all normals now juggle. lights always reset, mediums and heavies can hit twice each. Don’t get AA’d
– all jump normals have a reset or juggle

– hopefully fixed oiled mash LK/LP infinite

T. Hawk
– slowed down unchained f+MP
– chained f+MP is not overhead
– QCBx2+P super has proper superfreeze invincibility, goes across the screen a bit slower

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