September 23 Remix

Akola It’s time once again.
This release has a bunch of good changes to characters like Gouken, Akuma, Rolento, and Poison.

East Lake Get it here or on the right.
Splipt it for more


– dirty bull motion should be slightly easier
– dirty bull crumples now
– headbutt is actually invinc now

chun li
– fixed 2hk not breaking armor

fei long
– removed command grab
– damage adjustments, shouldn’t be any more touch of death combos
– should be easier to connect w/ air slashkick in combos

– and more active frames
– ex aa throw is cancellable to jumpins on the way down, and recovery cancellable to attacks
– 2hp launches slightly higher, has a 2nd hit. slightly better hitbox/active for aa
– 5hp bigger hitbox
– 9lp faster
– can move sooner after successful spd

– removed mk overhead
– first hit of shinryu no longer juggles
– anim changes
– fiddled w/ shoryu recovery
– meter gain stuff fiddled
– shoryu followup a lil easier to juggle w
– ex fireball the two fireballs are closer together, should be easier to avoid now

– if you input patriot without having it reloaded now he does a fwd roll. projectile invincible and passes through characters but otherwise hittable
– did some stuff to 9hp and 9lk
– rolento knives count as hits against fireballs / opposing attacks (you can still hit them) but count as projectiles vs characters (mainly for projectile invinc / armor)
– removed jump cancels from fierces. this might be a little extreme but let’s see how it goes

– srk is airborne frame 1, some changes to pushback on hit to prevent some weirdnesses

– 236236 supers are now 632146

– ex hand always knocks down, regular hands dont have special properties on counterhit anymore
– can always combo off ex spd. damage decreased

– all DPs have startup invinc
– sped up DP+K throw recovery slightly
– j.d+MP/HP now works from all jumps

– all DPs have startup invinc

– reduced chargetimes from 34~38 to 24 frames
– can now chain from lights (can no longer chain back into lights)
– walljump special OUGA now does a shorthop and leads into the same followups. Uses buttons for followups.

– last hit of U1 cinematic now does damage and can KO
– removed repeatable air normals, can still do specials off whiffed air normals

– Did some stuff forgot what
– Air FB super changed to QCFx2+P
– all kicks chain
– he got the fireballs back ok

– he now has parries again, f+PP for high/mid, df+PP for low. f+PP in the air.
– all charges are gone bye charges cya charges maybe next life
– Denjin (QCFx2+P) is back to the normal joystick mashable one, with some changes.
– QCB+P now has an overhead KD followup (b+P) and a launcher followup (f+P) on hit or block
– EX QCB+P no longer has the 2nd hit but does 100 dmg on its own, same as the heavy version

– airthrow now just bounds GUESS WHAT THE INF DISAPPEARED
– QCBx2+K super last hit has a more centralized and bigger hitbox so it should hit always

– All BAKE LIKE A DOG specials now have startup invinc in return for more recovery on stronger versions.
– BAKE LIKE A DOG can now cancel into specials other than BAKE LIKE A DOG
– Poison Kiss now does damage
– Increased cancel window from fireballs

– fixed QCF+KK doing the EX overhead punch instead

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