SSF4AE Remix, Almost Christmas Edition We put a new version of remix under the tree. I forgot which tree. Help

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Piatykhatky Changelog will be on your monitor after the gloppo

– removed proximity block, no more crossup unblockables, no more statechange OS abuse

– walk speed up
– air wheel kick block/hit recovery adjusted, hopefully its less awful now

– close hp hitbox adjust
– close mp +0 on block
– and recover 1f faster
– ex fireball recover faster
– fixed airdash ex red fireball bugs
– throw damage/ stun adjust. combo off fwd throw possible without ex cancel
– general stun adjust
– fixed ex tatsu fall out issue
– animation fixes
– far mp range increase

– dashjump
– air normals slower on startup, more active frames, j.hp and have 1 hit of armor, does not absorb projectiles
– neutral jump does fwd / back jump normals
– upball no longer bounces back on hit/block, cancel window earlier, startup 1f slower. airborne frame 1. hit/blockstun +5f. active frames lengthened
– ex rainbow roll cancels to air normals
– 4/6 mp now only 4mp
– 4mp chains from most normals
– cancel 4mp startup to hop
– 4mp hitbox increase
– 4mp held breaks armor
– hop cancels to supers
– throw range increased
– 5hp replaced by 5hpf
– 5hpf hitstun/blockstun increased, startup decreased
– 5hpf can be charged for armor and overhead
– 5hk replaced by 5hkf
– 5hkf startup increased
– 5hkf, 5hpf, 2hp, 2hk armor
– 5mk startup airborne
– grounded mediums/heavies slowed startup/recovery, increased active frames and hit/blockstun
– All versions of Backstep Roll cause 3F more block stun
– horiz ball causes kd, ex one causes crumple
– active whole jump
– cancel normals on startup or whiff to duck

– minor hitstop change
– made rushpunch non-feint easier to input by allowing any non-back input rather than requiring forward
– 6hp range increased
– 5hp forces stand, can only combo off 5hp on crouching opponents
– therefore fixed infinite (thanks error1)

chun li
– new qcb+lk air move, teleports to ground
– light chains improved / lengthened
– 5lk hits low
– 5lkf special cancel added
– nerfed stun overall

– changed beam super active f & hitbox
– airthrow gravity change

– jump/superjump out of dash
– fixed jump cancel input priority issue
– sj cancel normals
– fixed close 5hp not breaking armor
– improved 5hp hitbox
– removed dp+p
– ex hien hitbox improved, active frames changed, and projectile invinc during later frames

– whiff cancel 5lk to 4mk/4hk
– dashjump
– stun adjust

– dash into jump

– 214214 motion for u2
– sped up u2 startup animation

– dashjump
– damage / stun tweaks
– lights -> hp chains
– 5hkf special cancel
– added new move “crush” 421+kick
– cancel fireball to crush.
– chain lights off 5lk / 5lkf
– if you are doing tandy storm, hold the kick you pressed to do full sequence, release at any part to end it early
– mk moves +1f block/hitstun

– did something forgot what

– Gave rock hold recovery the same animation as the knife hold, to avoid infs
– Unfucked rocks dmg

-did some stuff forgot what

– Removed the slashes again
– Created an elbow dash special move to replace it. Only one hit, but the dashup dodges projectiles, and can be cancelled into any EX move as usual. On hit leaves you at advantage, according to strength.

– Air normals did too much damage for too little effort in seieienbu mode, so I created some proper aircombos for Yang that are limited to A B C. Works both inside and outside of seieienbu mode. Light attacks can be chained on hit, at the end of the animation.

– The QCFx2 super was a bit fisher price, so I did some stuff to it to make it more useful and not crappy looking. It goes fullscreen, will hit as soon as you get into the opponent’s personal space, and does decent damage. Do it in Seieienbu mode for more hits. Instant startup, but you can’t cancel into it from anything, so you have to link it.

– Can cancel into f+MK from anything, leading to some extended juggles.
– cl.MK launches a bit lower. He’s already got a proper launcher in cr.HP 2nd hit.

– Sonic Boom has less advantage on block and does armor damage
– light hits do not juggle
– heavy hits only juggle once
– gave cr.HK more startup and more recovery, and made it juggle lower.
– flashkick has less recovery

– the anti-air super (QCFx2+K) has L,M,H versions, and is now Ultra 2 (2 bars). Nerfed it a bit and made it faster to account for lower requirements. Can also be done from cancels.

– the flashkick super (QCBx2+K) has 3 versions, one fast startup close super, and the rest going further and starting slower. The LK version is the one you want in combos since MK and HK versions usually only hit 3 times.

– I removed the MP-MK-MP-MK xN chain because its an infinite that will happen and i hate my life

– I changed the qcf+k things
– qcf+k things chain into each other
– he got airdashes and shit
– qcf+hk and qcf+LK can be airdashed out of
– Shoulder super is gone replaced w his old punchy super (qcbx2+p)
– can do punchy super in the air
– Forward throw now launches a bit
– U2 does less dmg but has longer crumple.
– New/Old move. qcf+2K forward kick thing.
– I really like hamburgers

– Normals can only cancel to cmd.normals and specials
– forward duck is back, hcf+k
– rose barf is now ch.b-f+p
– improved walkspeed
– reduced the dmg on his U1 and U2
– nerfed the parry a bit to increase risk of using it. PPP still

– Changed divekicks to a 2-part move. QCB+P does a backwards jump, K does a divekick. Can be done in the air, and on the ground off chains etc.
– DP doesn’t let you jumpcancel
– QCF+P is thousand jaguars. Followup is HCF+P for launcher, HCB+P for KD
– Gave him crouch out of dash

– made more ground normals delay-cancellable
– Air Pinwheels
– Air Super Pinwheels that can cancel into each other/into U2
– U1 is now the old fireball super with different FB arcs. QCFx2+K
– U2 does a fast dash forward and does the regular U2 with 0 frame startup when in range
– air U2 dashes down to the ground before the dash forward.
– Adjusted hitbox on cl.HP
– Divekick gives a cannon spike-like backflip on hit
– can whiffcancel into air pinwheels and air fireballs from divekick
– the backflip can cancel into air pinwheels and air fireballs

– Removed all non-dashing normal chains. He can cancel into f+MP into LP+MP/LK+MK anyway to make a chain.
– cr.HP no longer knocks upward on standing
– Gave him the good dash back and instead adjusted the cancel delay
– Changed his dashy slashy thing, (dantouzan). It now hits only in front, and hits 2 times, 2nd hit is always a low. L and M version 2nd hit hits normally with no fall, H 2nd hit causes knockdown, EX version hits once in front, then goes behind.
– LP+MP attack is almost LP fast, but has a bit of recovery.
– Nerfed U2 damage a bit, since he can get a lot of damage after it as well
– Same with U1 (You can cancel into 2button normals from grounded U1)
– decreased startup a bit for both MP+HP and MK+HK attacks. MPHP no longer blows to wall on standing (Since you can use sweep to pick up and blow to wall that way)
– Decreased JP for MPHP attack
– cr.KK works as a parry for both projectiles and attacks (even ones that would normally armorbreak)

– Gave him back regular tatsus. SFEX tatsus are qcf+K now.
– Ichigeki Hissatsu qcbx2+P is a bit faster, and does double dmg on counterhit
– shinkuu hadoken does 6 hits per fb

– gave him dash that goes farther, gave him jump out of dash and crouch from dash
– scissor kicks have less hitstun, only let you jumpcancel from the 2nd hit
– nerfed dmg of psycho crusher super
– charge is hold forward, back. Again
– let him go straight to st.HK/cr.HK from lights, like with HP normals.

– changed his qcb+LK into the up knee thing
– removed grab super and punchies super. Made regular grab same as EX grab, EX grab same as super grab
– punchies don’t travel forward
– harder punchies have more startup
– made U2 his SC buraiken, only faster and with more juggle power

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