It’s UFGT and there’s a new version of remix so let’s just call it the UFGT 10 version

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Changelog after the splippy

– fixed far mk xx ex hadouken cancel
– air fireball damage up
– ex overhead slowed down
– dash faster

– 5mp xx 5hp chain
– always 5mkf instead of 5mk
– 5mkf hitbox bigger
– 5lk xx 5mk

– rushpunch is 236p
– rushpunch feint is [4]6k

– [4]6 inputs are now 63214
– [2]8 inputs are now 623

– damage adjustment
– air balls go downward, no longer stop on wall
– fierces knock down
– fixed counterhit frames on some moves
– ground horizontal ball no longer counts as airborne
– 5lk hitbox bigger
– 3hp fiddling to match his other moves

chun li
– legs is now qcf k, still mash k to extend
– lp counter now does backthrow animation, and no longer grabs crouching opponents
– mp counter no longer hits air, startup 18f, only absorbs physical hits
– hp counter shoots an mp fireball now
– 8lk replaced with 9lk
– 5mp, and 4mkmk chain to 3lk
– removed 5hpf xx sbk

evil ryu
– meter gain decreased
– fixed teleport bugs
– air tatsu juggle fiddling
– damage adjust
– evil trigger startup has actual recovery
– tatsus now properly super cancellable
– removed 6mp jump cancel
– fixed demon sometimes being unjumpable (thanks David Sirlin)

fei long
– ex air kick is now hit and proj invincible
– slight air kick height reduction
– air kick hits overhead
– 9lp, 9mp, 8hk, 8lp, 8lp more active
– super cancellable moves now cancel into counter too
– back hand is super cancellable
– rekkas cancel into 1 inchpunch and counter on whiff
– 5lkf, 2hp hits low
– rekka super pushback decreased, shouldn’t become unsafe on hit sometimes anymore
– fixed input bug w/ shoryu motion, prevents further overlaps. inputs like 4541 should no longer count as his reverse dp motion for no reason (what the actual fuck capcom)
– upkicks uses shoryuken motion, should no longer overlap with command grab
– reduced meter gain for whiffing dp
– no height restriction on dp xx air kick cancel
– backdash invinc extended by 4f
– fwd dash recovery sped up
– 5lk hitbox bigger
– hk command grab isnt a grab, hits low

– visual fixes w/ air super
– 5mp -> 6hp whiff cancel
– no longer a family man
– (air) ex sonic boom armors through projectiles, recovers faster
– (air) ex sonic boom moves forward a little bit
– flash kick a frame or two more invincible
– 8lk active the whole time
– 8mk -> 8lk chain
– fixed cancel windows on sonic boom
– 2hk 2nd hit reaches farther, shouldn’t whiff when 1st hit hits
– tosanami animation fiddling, gravity fiddling too
– extend ex soul spiral invinc
– 5hkf, 8hp better hitbox
– 5mpf always does 5mp, better hitbox, -1f recovery, +1f active
– 2mp no longer crumples on counterhit
– can chain into 2hk from lights
– 2hp better antiair
– mp and hp fireball startup sped up a little

– removed counterhit wallbounce on 2hp

– shoryu builds less meter on whiff
– counterhit hadoukens same type of hitstun as reg
– 2hk more recovery
– lk tatsu knocks lower, -2 blockstun, slightly more chip damage
– 5mk/5mkf knocks down on juggle
– 5mkf special cancellable
– srks juggle a little lower and farther, combos should still be the same but kd setups are worse

– 2hp faster startup, bigger hitbox
– fireballs recover faster
– fiddling w/ divekick animations

– all jumpins better hitboxes
– 2mk, 5mkf cancellable
– 2lk, 5mkf hitbox bigger
– green hands are different
– makes same sound for punch and kick lariat
– forward dash ends sooner
– 5lp -> 5mp chain
– 720p startup visual fix

– genei jin time reduced
– fixed super cancels
– meter gain greatly reduced on most stuff
– command grab can’t be combo’d out of, but gives a lot of meter
– lp shoulder knocks down

+ made dash go slightly further
+ high jump is more like a hyperjump
+ mash lights
+ MK is now far version MK instead of close MK
+ close and far HP are now both close HP
+ can cancel on whiff any normal into f+MP/HP/MK/HK and f+MP/MK into f+HP/HK
+ f+HP is far HP with more startup, but pulls opponent towards
+ f+MK is old close MK
+ f+HK is old close HK and is now a 1-hit KD overhead
+ charging hadoken all the way stores a doken for that motion
+ qcfx2+p super stores a denjin fireball on qcf+p
+ can cancel anything including stored fireball anim into a stored fireball
+ palms are now qcb+p
+ palm->shoryuken super qcbx2+p
+ qcfx2+k U1 shin shoryuken has longer but invincible startup
+ qcfx2+k U2 denjin hadoken works more like shinkuu hadoken
– both ultras are now 750 meter because of d m g
– lost all ground parries of any kind sorry
– lost harddrive super
– lost backdash cancel

+ made crane cr.MK faster
+ made crane st.HK faster
+ can supercancel out of roll attack roll
+ upkicks roll before the actual attack like yang’s upkicks
+ upkick followups can be done with any kick strength
+ can chain into HP or HK from any crane normal
+ crane HK 2nd hit can be cancelled into shortjump, also on whiff
+ crane cr.HP works like a focus attack. fully charged does 150 armor dmg and is ~*UnBlOckAbLe*~
+ mashable lights into eachother except for standing LK in both stances and cr.LK in crane.
+ Stance switch from a normal slows down time like in the matrix except gen is old
+ can cancel into air supers or bomb trigger from any upkicks followup
+ new supers for U1. QCBx2+K on the ground for a OLD FUCKER TORNADO. QCBx2+P in the air for DIVE POKE
+ qcfx2+P, qcbx2+P air U1 and qcbx2+P U2 does no damage in the attack, but activates a “bomb”
* to trigger a bomb, press QCF+HP+HK for QCFx2+P activated bomb and QCB+HP+HK for the other kind.
– removed crane cancels to lights for now, since his lights got upgraded
– removed gen’s third stance for now
– gen’s old

– woops his far LK is gone for now bc of inf woops
– woops reduced U1 dmg woops

+ mash lights!!!! YEEAAAAHHH
+ scarlet upkick thing has lenient up motion instead of strict up.
+ QCB/QCF+K does the walljump
– press up for normal walljump followup
– Press P at the wall for cross screen claw thing
– Press down from wallstick to get off wall.
+ Vega can now do BLOODY HIGH CLAW in the air with qcfx2+p in U1
– Vega U2 SPLENDID CLAW motion is now charge b-f-b-f+K to prevent overlap
+ df+HK now works off normals i guess

Easter Re-fix 2014
Remix Steamworks Edition


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