Ultra Street Fighter IV Remix!

buy cialis with priligy Finally, after like, 2 weeks or something of not so hard work, here’s ultra remix with some experimental versions of the 5 new characters. Also, there are some ¬†fixes to the old characters.

Krapkowice Get it here or to the right as usual.

buy provigil online reddit The Remix lifebars have been removed due to them not working with the current steam version of USF4, and because we’re going to be including them with the mod in the future.

– minor hop tweak
– sa1 doesnt stop on wall

– too many to list. motion char now try stuff

– too many to list

– soul throw is airborne f1

– removed tiger genocide
– fixed some bugs with lp uppercut introduced by steamworks
– tiger destruction is 214214k

– fixed a visual bug with normal throws

– fixed slash stance close MK jugglepoints

– cleaned up float (hold up during jump)
– changed dp kick to DP motion, made DPs less weirdo looking
– air messiah exists now
– changed U2 input to qcfx2+K
– changed 2LP anim to 2HP
– 2LP now uses original anim
– 3HP is old 2HP anim
– both messiahs now stay active until landing

– LP and EX hands now hit properly
– removed all trigger stuff, all supers now do 200 dmg
– mantis stance also has Medium – Heavy chains now, removed 5MK target combo
– 9HP doesn’t stop in the air

– Dash is a run
– Walkspeed is faster
– Has chains
– all normals and specials can combo into HCB+K walltoss or DP+K AA grab
– most normals are faster
– 6HP is now 5HP, 5HP is overhead 6HP
– Palms are slightly worse to not make the chains lead into infinites. Can combo into HCB+K
– Lariat is now QCF+P, can cancel into DP+K
– Squasher input is now HCF+K
– 5HP on juggle causes wallbounce, 9HP causes air spin
– J.2HP bodysplash is active the entire way down
– Changed hit sounds from focus hitsounds (what the fuck) to more reasonable ones.
– HAMMER MOUNTAIN is QCFx2+P, hold to feint
– U1 is 720+P and U2 is QCFx2+K

– Removed all the cardboard sliding sounds that are TOO LOUD for SF4 (they’re the right volume in SFXT)
and replaced them with more fitting normal woosh sounds (like in 3s) (Seriously they’re louder than hitsounds wtf)
– Replaced certain JAB SOUNDS with more appropriate hitsounds. (Likely because of the SFXT conversion process)
– has chains
– DP is now QCF+P
– MALLET SMASH is now QCB+P instead of HCB+P
– QCB+K is a bunch of different special moves repurposed as rekka moves. They can all chain into each other.
do one rekka twice in a row for a launcher (LK,MK) or a knockdown (HK). Can also chain into QCB+P or QCF+P
– QCB+P can chain into QCF+P and QCF+K
– QCB+P now crosses over less on standing opponents due to hitreel changes
– Jumps are a bit lower
– HEALING is D+PPP and it swallows whatever meter it wants. This is the price you pay

– No chains
– Much improved walkspeed
– All standing attacks are the far versions, albeit faster in most cases
– Dashing leads into sliding versions of her close standing normals
– Backdash is a hop, can be cancelled with air move
– D,UB/UF inputs are hyperhops, D,U is a neutral superjump. All of these can be stick controlled
– Has air fireballs with j.QCF+P. Different angles
– Whip Rekka followups can be done by holding Back and pressing P
– Thunder Whip is QCFx2+K
– Love Storm is QCFx2+P
– Poison Kiss is QCBx2+P

We're working on USF4
USF4Remix obligatory bugfixing edition