9 comments on “USF4 Remix 1.1 released

  1. Oni does like 900 damage from tatsu > meter burn in the corner over and over.

    also his airdash down mixup is retarded beyond even remix why does he have this and damage

    pls fix cause he is beyond dbz

    or just remove him

  2. Also, did you guys fix Adon’s very obnoxious QCF+P loop? I don’t think it’s infinite since I can only get about 13 reps in before the opponent flips out, but if you juggle the opponent into the uppercut ended, then whiff the multi hitting part into ender ala Joe Higashi, shit lasts a LONG time.

    Also, Adon being able to jump cancel off things while the opponent is in blockstun, namely the QCF+P move’s ender(the first part already chips like a son of a bitch) is very irritating as well. His mobility is already vastly above most characters as it is, but giving him safe chip pressure along with it is LOL-worthy.

    • Dan is implied to be serious about his fighting now. Taunting would be a contradiction to that rule.

  3. that oni thing only does 600 damage, is there something we’re missing?

    adon thing not an infinite

  4. Hi there,

    I didn’t find the appropriate section to report issues / suggestions, so here are a few of them:

    * Guile can literally dash through any character in the game. Not intended, I suppose?

    * Dan has no voice at all. But maybe that’s on purpose.

    * Might be my execution, I don’t know. Or a not listed change. Or I simply don’t understand how to do it. Anyway, hugo’s chains don’t work for me. Can’t lp > mp > hp for instance. Also, I don’t find the way to do his original U2. Is it gone? That’s not listed in the commands pdf, but I saw someone use it in a video (just look for usf4 remix Hugo vs Dudley on Google).

    That’s about it.
    Cheers and keep the good work guys! This mod is insanely good.


  5. hi
    *yeah the chains were in the beta, someone must’ve uploaded a beta version video. we removed it because he was broken before.

    thanks for playing and thanks for letting us know!
    – anotak

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