USF4 Remix 1.1 released Remix 1.1
This is a small update to fix a bunch of bugs and other issues in 1.0. This version also has an ingame movelist for ALL languages as opposed to just for english, as well as a couple movelist fixes.
1.1 Changelog
– changes to cancels off 9hk/9hp/9mk to prevent certain loops

Bexhill-on-Sea evil ryu
– minor bugfix

fei long
– minor bugfix

– added visual effect to EX followup to 236236P super to indicate meter usage
(it’s not an infinite unless you have infinite meter in training, stop reporting it as such, please.)

– yeah!

– fixed pushbox during dash (thanks Eternal)

– yang default stance infinite: 5LP x[N] 5HP xx heavy elbow > light command dash fixed ( HP elbow was not supposed to combo from 5HPF)
– c.hp > heavy elbow inf gone

– throw tech isn’t physics. Fixed (meant hakan went into neutral after throw tech further away)

– cr.HP (20jp) xx HP FB (127jp) loop Fixed (jp on cr.HP limited to 2 jp, same with 5HK)

– HK now hits a crouching chun properly

– can’t EX cancel Zonk or EX Criminal upper on 2nd hit Fixed
– Knife cr.MP gains no meter Fixed

– LK Overhead gains no meter Fixed
– LK airtatsu gravity Fixed
– dash is now finite, also can cancel into bacdash, and cancel out of the run stop

– j. 214 LK is now gone (It wasn’t supposed to be in still)

– fixed a VFX bug with TK Air Spiral Arrow
– TK Spiral Arrow in the corner wasn’t an infinite but juggled 6 times, should now only juggle up to 3 times

– still had a hit/projectile absorb entry on his st.HK Fixed

– removed an old move remnant from first and second tatsu rekka

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