USF4 Remix 2.0 Beta 1 After 1.2, we were intending to make another update down the line.
Real life stuff happened, so I decided to make a new version that mixed things up a bit. There’s a bunch of stuff we didn’t add because it’d take a lot of time, so 2.0 is an attempt to add some of this stuff, as well as rebalance a lot of the characters. The movelist wiki has also been updated for 2.0.

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2.0 Beta 1 Changelog
Reintroduced the revenge meter.
– MP+MK (hold) in neutral now charges both super and revenge meter
– MP+MK (as cancel) uses half the ultra bar
*HP+HK is now the alpha counter, and can be done at any time, even from specials
– Alpha Counter uses half the ultra bar
– Restores half a block of the supermeter on hit
– Does 100 grey damage and restores whole block of the supermeter on counterhit
*Light normals always reset, Medium and Heavy normals always juggle.
*EX special moves are gone.
*Supers are now done with a single motion + PP/KK

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Remix 1.2
USF4 Remix 2.0 Beta 2