14 comments on “USF4 Remix 2.0 Beta 4

  1. There seems to be a bug with Dee Jay’s DP+3P when canceled from the second hit of QCF+2K.

    • I fixed it. Hitboxes on hit activation were too small. Now they’re bigger.

  2. can only use evil ryu’s messatsu shoryu buffered from a regular shoryu, otherwise nothing comes out (e.g buffered from a normal) or you get the teleport

  3. Sakura literally breaks the game; start a match with 28, game instantly freezes and crashes. Also, Ken can turn off hitsparks in training mode by doing hard links into super over and over in training mode.

    • We can’t replicate this. I assume by 28 you mean superjump motion.
      Also what are the hard links you’re doing with Ken? I know there are some things that eventually make the effects break, and I’m trying to remove what I can

  4. Correction on the jump crashing thing, forward jump while holding forward with her crashes the game

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