USF4 Remix 2.0 Beta 5

Novorossiysk Just a little update with some improvements and fixes. Lot of characters are still the same as the last update.

disinterestedly Fixes:
– changed Charge animation
– can now cancel air normals into air scramble
– DP now cancels into ground scramble
– Ground hit LK scramble- HK juggles higher

– Ryu 5MKF now chains to heavy normals
– air CC changed to match ground CC. Jumps up slightly
– 5HP is faster, hits earlier
– All air moves can now only be CC’d on hit (except hadoken)
– Can no longer cancel air normals on block

– Has Invisibility qcf+KKK
– same input again to deactivate w attack

– Shin shoryu more dmg
– Palm shoryuken less dmg
– Fixed palm shoryuken not activating HP version

– Can now cancel into specials from teleport
– Can cancel DP into teleport on hit

– Restored original Oga but input is now qcb/qcf+k in crane
– EX oga has hitbox
– Rolly poke is crane qcb+P
– made mantis U2 faster
– cr.LK can be shorthopped on hit by inputting UP
– supers are locked to stances again
– changed DP and AA throw to qcf+p/k
– crane MP is faster and has larger and earlier hitboxes and 2nd hit pulls back
– crane HP is faster
– Can now finish DP sequence with 2K
– Replaced air palm super with air zanei

– Made hadoken max charges only charge 1 fb instead of one big and one small
– can now airdash after tatsu hit
– fixed j.HK airdash j.HK juggle inf
– hopefully fixed a crash when holding upforward at round start

– Removed chains
– Can charge up MP, f+MP, HP, f+HP for stronger attacks
– Increased damage on qcb+PPP super
– Fixed super combo and RC cancels on MP and HP DP
– Reverted slash attack to previous version. qcb+p
– Removed button airdashes
– Fixed EX air tatsu not being activated during regular jump

– QCB+K chains are shorter
– QCB+LK,LK now pulls opponent towards you, removed jumpcancel
– QCB+MK,MK animation improved slightly
– scratch wheel and rhino horn changed back to dp+K and hcf+K
– DP+KKK is now spinning beat, no animation on hit
– QCB+PPP is a mallet smash that leads into U2
– QCF+PPP Healing, heals more on hit

– Fixed QCF+PPP / DP+PPP conflict

– Changed 5HK <-> 6HK
– Divekick now only bounces up on hit
– fireball split up into high/low/AA (qcf+P/qcf+K/DP+P)
– Removed Kim kaphwan super
– Juri has Feng Shui Engine back (QCB + PPP)

– fixed cr.MK, qcf+HP juggle inf
– fixed LP>MP>HP 2x slashy inf as well as LK>MK>HP slashy inf
– changed RAISINS poke super input to QCB+PPP
– made TENSHIN SENKYUTAIIIII upkick super animation faster
– now possible to do cmd dash hcf+k out of regular moves oops

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