36 comments on “USF4 Remix 2.0 Beta 5

  1. Gen – (Crane) 5HP and 2HP into ex roll. Ex roll goes through the person and keeps going after the first hit. Seems to only happen with Hugo, occurs everywhere

  2. A LOT of attacks into ex roll on Sakura go through after… second hit. Well, second hit is behind Sakura, but Gen just keeps rolling rolling rolling rolling until the animation ends or you cancel it.

  3. Seems that the Rolento glitch is either back or no one ever reported it, 2PPP -> 2MP = endless spins unless the oponent isn’t dead and hits you out of it, or you stop the match just before it kills, otherwise, you have to relaunch Remix.

      • Characters that do 623PPP and have other things assigned to it may either do the Super, the move, or the teleport

  4. It seems like the Koryu side for every characters has been removed and replaced with the regular remix side.

  5. So hey the changes to Akuma’s teleport have given him an infinite or atleast something close because you can cancel first hit for mp/hp dp into teleport back into the first hit of dp.

    https://youtu.be/IVXtfHtsH5M here’s like the most reps of it I could get of it but idk someone better could keep it going for a lot longer

    • yeah, I expected something like that but I let it rock for now. Thanks though, I’ll adjust the cancel window a bit

  6. El Fuerte command grab seems completely invulnerable, you’ll see moves go clean through it and get grabbed. Did a jump in during the animation of his grab? You’re getting caught by it the second your feet touch the ground, no matter what point of the animation you land. I’ve had times where the animation was almost done(It’s slow as shit in all strengths, which makes this an even bigger problem), and I’d still get grabbed, period.

  7. Why so many nerfs? Hugo, Oni, E.Ryu, so many characters seem to have lost a lot and I just can’t fathom why you would do this in a game as fun as remix like whats the point in it

    • I just did it because seeing my own characters nerfed into the ground pleases me. It’s just, I love it, you know? I’m just addicted to nerfing all the characters and turning remix into a toilet

  8. Fei Long on Cody 5 and 2 HP into 236KK.
    Done too fast = 1st attack doesn’t hit, or goes clean over and Fei ends up on the other side

  9. Hugo : st.HP on one of seth’s armor moves causes softlock(can’t find what caused it yet)

    (S)EX spd armor gets hit by the first hit of (H)st.HP and canceled early into grab = both characters will be locked until the round ends, staying locked for a period of time until going to the next round

  11. Do we have to play with the new animations if we upgrade to 2.0. Is there no way to take them off?

  12. Cody to Seth
    Counter Seth’s sweep with heavy sand and seth starts spinning, causing a softlock(hardlock if time runs out)

  13. FeiDong is still the best I see thank you for keeping the integrity of a God good sir :)

  14. Ken to hakan(for fuck’s sake, hakan needs a complete remodding)
    If hakan tries to beat guren shinpukyaku with his anti air super, the game softlocks

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