USF4 Remix 2.0 Beta 6

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Seroquel buy on line Ryu
– can cancel into 6MP from LP/LK
– can cancel into 6HP from LP/LK and MP/MK
– 6MP now does a hard KD
– QCB+P is now the push attack but with a fire effect. H and EX versions can be dashcancelled on hit
– QCF+K is now hadokens w an arc (also works in air)
– Removed air charge cancel
– QCF+PPP – now doesn’t knock down
– QCB+PPP – is now straight and wallbounces

– Can now do cmd. normal chains from duck normals

– Fixed overlap between teleport and qcf+PP

– Fixed weird hitbox bug on crane QCB+PP that made it pass through sakura

– Made max lvl hadoken wallbounce

– fixed a bug that let juri be in feng shui mode forever if she activates without any ultra meter. She’s now given full ultra meter when she activates.

– gave him med>heavy>cmd.normal chains

– fixed crouch animation

M. Bison
– Changed psycho crusher hitboxes so MP and HP versions get both hits more consistently
– boosted L/M/H/EX psycho crusher dmg

– the start of Ground and Air Dashes lead into special normals
– Magic series LP/LK>MP>MK>HP/HK lead into special enders
– Super Cannon Strike changed so it does more hits and stays in the air
– Axel Spin QCB+P now does a hit
– EX axel spin is a faster version of M version
– Can air CC out of last hits of both drill supers
– DP+KKK is faster and only hits twice
– changed airthrow a bit so there’s less of a chance of the physics messing up. Lands faster after whiffed throw.

– 5MK – damage adjustment, 120 total -> 100 total dmg
– QCB+PP – Angry Scar makes his face angry

– 5HK – Made first hitbox happen 1 frame later
– 5MP – Extended hitbox downwards, can hit crouchers now
– Shorthop – Changed input to d,ub/u/uf. Can shorthop backwards and neutral now
– DP + K, Jackknife – Adjusted all hitboxes to more closely follow the model and still hit crouching opponents EX version changed to have followups too.
– Added air version of Jackknife
– DP + P Machinegun – Changed behavior. Buttons have to be held to play the full animation. Only last hit affects juggle points.
– QCB + K Overhead Kick – changed speed to make all versions a bit faster
– QCF + KKK Carnival! – Added the final hit back in.
– QCF + PPP Festival! – adjusted superflash animation, now wallbounces on hit
– DP + PPP MAX BEAT! – Sped up the animation on hit

– QCF + KKK – reverted to previous version
– QCF + PPP – now has no superflash and start animation, slower startup, is overhead. Is also charge cancellable through entire animation and hit animation
– 2MK – special cancel now no longer delayed
– Can now cancel from special to EX, EX to EX and super to super
– Knife Mode – can mash lights

– Airdash animation fiddling
– LP+LK airthrow – adjusted hitbox downwards
– QCB + P – Hozanto – infinite juggle points
– QCB + PPP – fixed infinite jp on MK followup
– QCF + P Izuna – MP and HP versions tweaked trajectories, both go lower
– QCF + P > j.2MP elbow drop – Re-added throw followup. Groundbounces.
– QCB + K Senpukyaku – removed free airdashes, also infinite juggle points
– QCF + HK – removed free airdashes and qcf + p
– Air MP+MK, Airdash cancel – Can be done off QCB+K both air and ground, QCB+HK and any air normal
– MP+MK cancel, ff – can dashcancel the charge cancel animation
– QCF + PPP – faster attack animation
– QCF + K – is now a command dash special. Passes through projectiles. LK: Slide, MK: Overhead HK: launcher Punch: izuna

– removed chains
– HCB + P – both oiled and unoiled work the same way. Oiled can be jumpcancelled. Removed oil gain
– can combo into HCB + P in oiled mode only
– Air HCB + PP – EX version of the air grab. Groundbounces on landing
– Reintroduced 6HP and 6HK
– Turned shoulder tackle and dive into HCF motions
– Can cancel into HCB + P on hit in oiled mode
– DP + K – Shower has returned. L M and H versions have an AA hitbox. EX has armor but no hitbox.
– DP + KKK – new oil combination hold input
– D,D – new run dive cancel
– Fixed freeze with ken’s tatsu super and hakan’s combination hold
– Super Runny Grab > Duck now refills only one EX bar

– removed 2MP from PPP back jump
– on jump normal hit – can cancel into 2MP and 2MK
– increased dmg on patriot knives from 10 to 20dmg each. charged patriot x3 is 60+60+60=180dmg chip increased from 3dmg to 5dmg
– increased juggle height on knives
– fixed chains from 5LP
– added jumpcancels to heavy normals, on hit only

– can now jumpcancel from whip kick ender
– can now mash the end of the super shoryuken

Evil Ryu
– Denjin mode activate – No recovery after superfreeze
– Denjin mode – added more effects to make it clear you’re in denjin
– Denjin 6PPP teleport – Goes fullscreen and stops in front of opponent
– Denjin DP+MP and HP – tweaked fireballs to juggle a bit higher, also come out earlier from DP
– Denin DP+PPP – does animation at the end
– Air Tatsumaki – changed it so eryu is spinnin but he still kick. Spinnin

– RDP + P, Lariat – Swapped the HP version with the EX one. HP version now shoots forward, and is still 100% projectile invincible. Made every lariat juggle
– DP + P , Booger hand – maximum juggle points. It knocks down anyway so there’s no reason to not do it.

– QCB + K and KKK – is now QCF + K/KKK
– Removed dedicated upkick command (DP+K)
– QCF + LK – is now rufus upkick
– QCF + MK – double lows
– QCF + HK – overhead
– QCB + LP – is invincible until the 3rd hit. Works as an anti-air now. Multi-hit.
– QCB + MP/HP – both do the complete spinning animation + hits on hit
– All QCB + P except EX – can cancel to any QCF special except snake strike
– Changed charge animation

El Fuerte
– Dashes now alter the trajectory of jumps
– Cmd Grabs slightly faster and longer reaching

– Removed command jump from all dashpunch followups to prevent infinitez
– HCB + PPP, Headbutt – Knocks Down rather than crumples
– Fixed U2 turnpunch with KKK doing “5” rather than “DIE” It will make sense in time.

– j.MP – now only hits once, down from 2 times
– QCF + K, chicken wing – Now hits crouching, second hit is overhead. Different angles. EX ver has earlier hitbox that stays out for longer
– QCB + P, backfist – EX version wallbounces on grounded, knocks far away on juggle.
– RDP + K(air) – Put fire on those legs, hitbox pushed back to ground version frames
– can cancel into RDP from all jump normals
– can cancel into RDP from first hit of QCF+K on hit only
– Added cmd grab back, can now be combod into from rekkas only
– backfist, chicken wing, cmd grab can only be done from within a rekka (not the final hit) . EX rekka can only followup with EX specials.
– QCB + PPP – sped up, doesn’t stop when blocked/whiffed but more recovery as a result
– QCF + PPP – more difference between strengths

– non-EX condor dive now does hard KD
– all DPs except LP can now cancel into condor dive on HIT
– 6HP is headbutt now
– alpha counter is the double chop
– DP + K – regular cmd throw now knocks down rather than bounces. EX is like before but with less recovery so you can go in.
– Also restored different strength cmd throws

– Gave chains back L > M > H
– Everything except launcher after 100 jaguars launcher followups has full JP
– adjusted gravity on a bunch of moves
-QCF + P – less dmg, from 40dmg to 30dmg total, can now cancel into QCF+PPP
– QCB + KKK – has full animation on hit again
– DP + KKK – final hit now knocks straight down bc thats how I roll (I NEVER roll)
– reduced startup on 5HP slightly

– fixed medium and special cancels for repeated lights
– sped up 6MK and 6HP startup
– Can now EX soul throw from H and EX reflect on hit
– QCB + HP, Reflect – Now moves forward slightly

– fixed charge animations
– added full juggle points to all grounded and jumping normals
– Adjusted juggle gravity on 5MP, 2MP and 2MK
– 5MK – extended the 3rd hitbox from frame 34 to frame 40 so now you can meaty with it, if you want. it’s still not overhead but thems the breaks
– HCF + K runny grab – can now follow up with proper timing
– DP + K AA grab – changed juggle gravity to be more heavy
– QCB + P clap – increased juggle points
– QCB + PP ex clap – made startup faster, reduced recovery slightly, juggles higher

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