USF4 Remix 2 Beta 10
In this update, there’s a complete overhaul of throws, and Charges now gain more Revenge Meter, used for Charge Cancels and Alpha Counters! Also a lot of character changes. Read on for the full changelist:

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Campos Belos Changelist

– Increased Revenge Meter increase from charge
– Changed throw tech window effect, it now glows white instead of flashing
– Some characters now have followups to throws

– fixed 5MP 5HP 236MP juggle infinite

– fixed EX knife throw not using meter

– fixed 5MP 5HP 6HP juggle infinite

– fixed 5MK 2HP tk j214MK infinite
– fixed 5MK causing armorbreak

– j.MP and j.2MP now juggle! Partly to prevent an infinite, but also bc it’s cool! Yeah!

– fixed landing freeze on air EX ukemi
– can combo into command throws

– fixed 2MP 2HP 214P juggle infinite
– Bionic Arm is back, works similarly to EX 214P

– Added Claw drag special move, 235P. MP pulls in, HP pulls behind, EX juggles
– Can RC cancel DP+PPP, can also do PPP/KKK moves out of both ground supers
– DP+PPP fist version does less damage, cannot follow up juggle unless RC. DP+PPP claw version does more damage, and can follow up juggle
– 236PPP super drops the claw earlier. Can no longer cancel the draw drop with RC.

– fixed qcb+PPP not hitting when done out of seieienbu
– now able to cancel into EX rekka/cmd dash from final hit of normal rekka
– seieienbu is now PPP for regular version, KKK for longer trailing one
– air seieienbu is back, and can be cancelled into from all air normals, including dives
– now gets free EX moves during seieienbu
– close MK is now 4HK
– 6MK overhead is now 6HK and causes juggle
– amnt of time you can hold the slashes and qcb+PPP super reduced slightly
– Forward Throw throws opp straight up, and recovery after is reduced. For easier combos after.

Evil Ryu
– fixed two infinites by slightly increasing air tatsumaki landing recovery, and increasing juggle height on air tatsu and hcb+LP
– made divekick be executable with db/df direction as well as down.

– can now combo into cmd throws

– fixed air EX pinwheel not being doable out of forward jump
– fixed other air pinwheel weirdness

– sped up yoga noogie super startup

– can do air chains off regular jump again
– don’t have to do dash > full magic series to get HP/HK enders anymore
– can mash LK/LP after dash
– CQC counter has a longer lasting hitbox

– changed running bear input from dp+k/dp+kkk to hcf+k/hcf+kkk
– changed 360+k throw input to dp+k
– can now do siberian blizzard from air normals and air banishing flat
– can combo into all command grabs from normals, combo into super cmd grabs from banishing flat

– fixed MP/MK->HP/HK->fake headbutt infinite
– swapped LK and MK fake dashing straight so LK is the shortest travelling one

– changed 360+PPP input to DP+PPP

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