USF4 Remix 2 Beta7

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This new version of the Remix beta has a few character fixes and changes, and a slight UI overhaul.

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Hingorja Fixes
– Ryu infinites
– Rufus infinites
– Fei Long infinite

– Removed dash after QCB+HP hit to avoid infinites, but added wallbounce

– Changed criminal upper to QCB+P
– Changed sand toss to QCB+K
– Sand toss: added followups. LP is a dash, MP is a mid punch that can lead into EX moves, HP is a quick hop overhead

Tony Hawk
– DP+K non-EX can cancel into EX and super moves

– Put her reverse chains back in, HP->MP->LP etc

– EX rushpunch – juggles opponent forward instead of wallbounce

– EX high claw – uses meter properly

USF4 Remix 2.0 Beta 6
USF4 Remix 2 Beta8