USF4 Remix 2 Beta 11

isotretinoin ordering
New character select!
In this version there’s a new character select design, an overhaul for Blanka, and some bugfixes!


Dyer Changelog

– Added bounce juggles

– fixed EX tatus not being doable off air normals
– added bounce juggle from 6MP

– Normal forward Throw bounce juggles
– Fixed far 5LK infinite
– Teleport forward can be done with just neutral PPP/KKK
– Can teleport after rdp+p on hit or block

– added bounce juggle on qcb+k > HP standing

– added bounce juggle on EX qcb+k

– fixed far 5MP -> Cmd Throw on block being unblockable

– he’s Bao from king of fighters now
– did some stuff forgot what
– balls
– ok now that I said balls I remember everything
– upballs with hcf+P, only LP version is startup invincible
– can cancel upballs into air balls on hit (hcb+P)
– EX upball strikes blanka with lightning, and can be cancelled into side dodge (KKK/b+KKK)
– 4HP is gone
– Regular 4MP is an overhead and groundbounces, cancelled normal>4MP is mid, and does not groundbounce
– 2MP recovery improved, damage on 5MP and 2MP decreased
– 5HP is a different animation now
– Forward/Backward dash has less startup and recovery
– Shout of Earth (anti-air) is gone, and Shout of Earth (Ground) is a bit different (HCF+PPP)

– added more recovery to qcf+p > d+p knockdown
– lp dp juggles lower
– all DPs can be cancelled into EX jaguar kick
– 5HP travels farther
– DP+KKK super bounces on final hit
– less recovery after landing from DP+KKK hit
– qcb+p now has a fastfall followup with P

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