USF4Remix obligatory bugfixing edition

order neomercazole no prescription We found some gross oversights so now we’re fixing them and also destroying Honda’s life. Sorry.

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chun li
– fireball hitbox slightly smaller
– fireball less blockstun
– kikosho pushes back less far, worse recovery
– upkicks are counterhit status on the way down

– fixed 2hp not breaking armor
– throw fiddling
– sting damage fiddling
– 2hk knockdown different
– fixed bugged cancelling scrambles into ex scrambles, now works properly
– 5hp 2nd hit less hitstun, less recovery (infinites should be gone?)
– 2hp less hitstun, less recovery (infinites should be gone?)

– fixed m and h supers hitting fullscreen for no reason, and audio tweaks
– fixed throw tech related bugs

– 6hk active frames slightly longer

– removed sjIAD infinite that works on hugo

– fixed 2LK/2LP freezing inputs

– fixed 2LK/2LP freezing inputs
– fixed alpha counter input
– fixed alpha counter not being invincible for the entire hitbox duration
– fixed roll_b/f jump height and animation

– removed knife mode cr.MK st.HK QCF+LP infinite

– fixed AA throw doing no damage off juggle combos

– removed all his armor
– made U1 super much faster, has no superfreeze
– hamburger
– slowed down light cancels
– slowed down flight

Ultra Street Fighter IV Remix!
September 8 2014 Remix