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  1. viper v claw

    hit cr.claw with viper’s 2hp and go into emergency combo and it goes clean past vega

  2. …Hugo has what he had in ultra. one ex clap at the right timing basically parries the entire projectile, whether it’s one fireball, ex, or a whole super.

  3. Zangief’s Back throw doesn’t work properly on Hugo, it acts like a normal throw and doesn’t switch sides

  4. The bug The Salt God found about C.viper’s 2 HP into emergency combo whiffing on cr. Vega, it also whiff with 5 HK into emergency combo and 5 HP into emergency combo

  5. with zangief’s back throw(Which can already be RC’d), if you catch hugo and RC it, you can do siberian blizzard for style points, I guess?

    And while we’re on the topic of cancellable throws, Rose’ normal throw can be RC’d, maybe we should make this a universal thing(the cancels lead to nice stuff by accident as is, imagine what would happen if it was intentional)

    • for the instant air siberian blizzard thing, corner only, and it seems to work with everyone

  6. a list of characters with throws that can be RC’d or AC’d
    This includes command throws

    Ibuki(command throw=RC) the ex command throw can be AC’d
    Makoto(forward throw=RC) useless, super late RC
    Gouken(forward throw=RC,AC)
    C. Viper(forward throw=RC,AC. Back throw=AC)
    Blanka(Forward throw=RC,AC)
    Zangief(Back throw=RC SPD=RC)
    El Fuerte(Air throw=RC anti-air command throw=RC)
    T. Hawk(Forward Throw=RC,AC regular and ex command grab=RC)
    Rose(Forward Throw=RC,AC)
    Hugo(Meat squasher=RC)Practically useless, too far away to get a combo into other supers


    soft lock if MAKOTO hits anyone in the air with Abare Tosanami, if only the first part hits and not the ground portion.
    Also, if it does hit the rest, it doesn’t track, so you need to be in the corner to get the rest of AT to hit.
    it also still works with 2 buttons instead of the standard 3, despite the strength rule of 2.0 still applying.

  8. 2 game breakers in 2 days, I’m on a roll, really simple one too.

    Bison literally MUST have accessibility to Ultra 2, or else attempting super blast hard crashes the game.

    • hi, I’m not really checking here lately and probably won’t for a long while to come. Needing to have access to Ultra2 is something thats sort of a given so the bison thing isn’t much of a priority.
      Makoto thing I’ll add since that’s a bad bug.
      Don’t expect me to really fix anything anytime soon bc I’m kind of busy with life and stuff, and none of us have much of a spark for remix atm.

      • Alright, expect more bugs and such from
        me the next time you look in here, like how Cody’s 236PPP goes clean past Ibuki(maybe some other characters, haven’t tested it yet) on the last hit.

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