USF4 Remix 2 Beta8

Hello. This is mostly a bugfixing update, but it’s got C. Viper with her airdash back, Blanka with a modified electricity move and Gen with more sensible walljump commands. Also a good amount of Ibuki changes.

– fixed 5MP juggle
– fixed move priorities so bad spray followups dont override EX moves
– qcf+PPP moves forward less
– sand dash has slightly less recovery
– sand zonk juggles

– Fixed infinite
– Slash – QCB+P followup is now manual instead of automatic
– B+P – followup from slash. Added special cancel to MP HP and EX versions.

– Far HP – stays out longer
– QCF + KKK – goes further, faster

– Ouga, directions are now QCB/QCF which makes more sense!!!

– fixed 5MP corner juggle inf
– fixed 2HK xx 5HK infinite
– Increased recovery on normal air qcf+K (not EX)
– non-EX RAIDA qcb+P – knocks back less, to allow for possible followups with EX qcf+KK
– can now qcf+K dash from RAIDA (qcb+P) on hit
– EX qcf+KK recovers slightly faster
– 5HK launches higher
– 5HK and air normals do less damage (down by 10-30 dmg depending)
– replaced qcf+K > MP with ground kunai throw
– qcf+K hyperhop is now UP input
– qcf+K > HP – less recovery after hit. After landing.

– who’s blanka
– swapped his normals around. Far 5MP -> 5HP, no more distance specified normals
– electric blanka – qcf+P – D,D+P. multihit special -> juggle move
– air non-EX hcb+P trajectories changed

– fixed 2HK, 2MP inf

– made EX cmd grab invincible during hitbox, armor afterwards in order to avoid freezing

– In feng shui mode, can now only cancel specials into other specials, not into the same ones.

– Can now f+HP and f+MK off all normals on whiff
– added slight startup to the morrigan dash, also added a woosh sfx
– increased hitstun on all HP moves so palms can combo more easily
– more gravity on juggle after MP and HP shoulders
– divekicks now knock down
– reduced startup after superfreeze on dp+PPP

– readded airdash. bb,ff or pp, b+pp

– increased pusback on 6HP in order to avoid infinites or at least make them harder to do who knows
– cross counter input is now HCB,F+P and can be done both in and out of ducking. Old input, b+K in ducking removed bc sf4 input buffer is a fuck.
– cleaned up EX ducking a bit
– re-added ducking straight d+P during ducking
– change ducking upper input to d+K

USF4 Remix 2 Beta7
USF4 Remix 2 Beta 9