USFIV Remix 2 Beta 14


USF4REMIX2B14 (87.6 MiB, 256 downloads)

Hello, it’s time once again for a new remix! It’s here. Please read on for the changelist!


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– Fixed 236LK xx 236P-P infinite
– Snake Strike now juggles on hit, more unsafe with more knockback on block Oni
– fixed 5LP xx 214LP-4LP infinite
– added chargeable 2HP. Unblockable and launches on hit. Can jumpcancel on hit
– Less hitstun after charge 5HP
– Can now chain from charged 5MP to any heavy normal and 6MP
– Can chain to 6MP, 6HP, 6HK from charged 5HP and 2HP

– Lowered damage on rhino horn

– Can no longer jumpcancel normals on block

– Can now only teleport off air normals on hit
– better walkspeed
– better dash
– QCB+PPP now does the final blast portion even if you release. Final blast does wallbounce
– removed MP and HP strengths for QCB+PPP super

– 2HK now does hard KD, no juggle
– MK and HK versions of QCB+K now have a slower startup, travel farther
– LK version of QCB+K has more recovery
– QCF+K much faster startup, fireballs shoot up higher
– 5HK is now 4HK. Slower and 1 Hit but Overhead and causes bounce on hit
– air QCB+PPP starts falling after the first fireball

– QCB+KKK is now harder to juggle after. Can RC after hit
– non-cancel DP+LP/MP/HP now hit later, are grab only. Also have more recovery on whiff
– QCB+HP can no longer JC on hit
– QCB+PP has far less recovery, removed hit

– removed 6HK, which is now 5HK
– HP Shoulder (HCF+HP) juggles lower
– Can now normal cancel into command throws, even without oil
– Oil Shower (DP+P) juggle has more gravity
– EX oil shower (DP+KK) is faster
– EX cmd grab (HCB+PP) and dive (HCF+KK) now give oil on hit
– EX Dive has faster startup
– Can now cancel HCF+P into EX cmd grab and EX dive
– Coaster super (HCB+PPP) is faster

– Reduced juggle height on HCB+PPP both ground and air
– Reduced damage on HCB+PPP

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