USFIV Remix 2 Beta 15

USF4REMIX2B15 (89.0 MiB, 257 downloads)

Hello, It’s once again time for remix. Check out the changelog below!
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– Can cancel into 6HK from 6LK

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– DP+K now causes bounce on hit

Fei Long
– far MK is now the same as 5MK, stretched hitbox downwards so it can better hit crouching
– Replaced cl.HK with far HK
– can now air CC RDP+K

– 5LK 2LP is no longer an infinite

– EX CRUSH (RDP+PP) is no longer hit invincible
– Fixed EX Cmd Grab being unblockable off light hits and sonic boom blockstun
– Slightly reduced blockstun on sonic booms

– Regained L-M-H chains
– Removed charge 5MP and charge 6MP
– 6MP knocks down
– Can no longer dash from charged HP normals
– Can now jumpcancel charge 2HP
– EX Stomp (DP+KK) causes groundbounce on hit, reduced recovery
– EX Tatsumaki (QCB+KK) now travels straight upward and hits more consistently
– Air EX Tatsu travels slightly downwards
– Can now air CC ultra 1 air fireball (Air QCF+PPP)
– Reduced air backdash backwards movement
– Air backdash cancel is set later in the animation to avoid runaway with backdash xx QCF+P
– Tweaked UC2 (QCB+PPP) slightly. More hits
– UC1 fireballs are slower

– fixed blocked DP being cancellable to unblockable throw super

– fixed LK Messiah infinites

– Fixed blocked normal/special cancel to EX grab being unblockable

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