USFIV Remix 2 Beta 17

USF4REMIX2B17 (84.7 MiB, 335 downloads)

Mangla A small update this time, mostly with some infinite removals, Charge system changes, and some oversights fixed.

cheap ivermectin Changelist
– Charge: Recovers more revenge meter, non-cancel charge has faster startup
– Fixed a handful of infinites as well. You’ll never know which ones that’s a secret

– fixed Dodge (QCB+P EX) not using meter

– fixed DP+LP not doing chip damage, is now 30, increased chip on EX version from 15 to 35
– decreased startup on EX scramble

– removed reflect property on U1 to fix a reflect crash with guile’s sonic booms

– Increased recovery on st.HP

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