USFIV Remix 2 Beta 19

USF4REMIX2B19 (84.6 MiB, 261 downloads)

This version of remix has a rehauled Gen and Evil Ryu, as well as yet another round of bugfixes and removed infinites.

frothily Changelist

– fixed 5MP->5HP juggle infinite

– removed tunguska reset, instead forward throw groundbounces so you can reset with LP/LK

– fixed DP 1st hit infinite

– fixed dp infinite hopefully

Gen SSJ2
– way too much stuff so i’ll just list what he has
Chains: L-M-H, cancel into any cmd normal at any point
Command Normals: 3LK, 6MP, 6HP, 6HK, 3HK
Air Command Normals: Divekicks: 1K, 2K, 3K (Knock Down)
Oga: KK, 6KK
>On Wall:
>2K: Divekick (Groundbounce on hit)
>6K: Forward Kick (Wallbounce on hit)
>P: Cancel wallcling
>Up: Sky leap
>> From Sky Leap
>> Any air normal
>> Divekicks: 1K, 2K, 3K

Special Moves:
Zanei: QCF+P
Super Zanei: 236PPP (U1)
Hands: QCB+P
More Hands: 214PPP (U2)
Upkicks: QCF+K
-> Followups: K
-> Finish: 6K
-> Divekicks: 1K, 2K, 3K
Old Man Tornado: QCF+KKK (U1)
Divekick Super: Air QCF+3K (U2)

Evil Ryu SSJ Kaioken x500
– Again, a lot of stuff, so i’ll list the most important changes
Chains: on ground, MP->HP, LK->MK, and can chain into any command normal
Chains: in air, L->M->H on hit
5HP: is just one normal now. Rushes forward.
6HP: Command normal, has armor before it hits, pushes ryu forward a bit for reach
Divekick: added air RC
Stomps (QCF+K): Faster LK stomp, MK, HK and EX stomps are now 2-part dashes->stomp sequences.
HK stomp: hard knockdown
EX stomp: bounce on ground hit, hard knockdown on juggle
All ground tatsus: can now cross up
Teleports: forward teleport can now be executed with neutral PPP/KKK as well as forward.

Is activated on pressing PPP when evil is not installed, or hitting with raging demon
– Fills up all 4 bars on standing, crouch, and jump startup
– Can cancel special->special (except into shoryuken) at the cost of 1 bar. EX costs 2 bars
– Demon teleport cancels still cost 0 bars, but don’t allow for followups
– All supers are powered up, but drain the entire super bar, and UNINSTALL EVIL on execution

Evil Metsu Hadoken: Reaches max power much faster, recovers fast enough for followups
Evil Messatsu Goshoryu: Goes into full super cinematic on hit, does even more damage
Evil Raging Demon: Does more damage

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