USFIV Remix 2 Beta 20

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USF4REMIX2B20 (84.6 MiB, 432 downloads)

A new release with some infinite fixes, and assorted goodness

buy isotretinoin online paypal Changelist
———- Evil Ryu
– fixed dash-> jump generating meter
– fixed evil install qcf+lp xx qcb+lp mp, hp inf
– fixed evil install EX air tatsu inf

– fixed 2nd EX fireball on air yoga fire not disappearing on hitting the ground

– fixed ->5LK light infs

– fixed EX air buttstomp softlock when RCing

– scramble dashes are now qcf+k = forward, qcb+lk/mk = upforward, qcb+hk = up
– EX scramble dashes qcf+kk = forward, qcb+lk+mk = upforward, qcb+mk+hk = up
– Ultra 2 DCM is qcf+kkk = forward, qcb+kkk = upforward, qcb+kkk, hold HK = up
– qcb+mp and hp anti-air hitboxes stay out slightly longer
– can now RC after EX qcb+p

– sonic hurricane now on qcb+p
– Air backbreaker super is now same as ground version, qcf+kkk
– 5HP is now far version only

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